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Be Seated


Seating charts at your fingertips. Easy to use. Time saving. Designed for Teachers, by Teachers.

Start with one classroom and set up as many courses as you need. Teach in more than one room? Purchase unlimited classrooms for $0.99.

• easy to read student names on each desk
• classroom roster with names, photo and desk assignment
• already assigned a student to a desk? easily assign them elsewhere
• random seating assignment
• call on a students with the hands-in-the-air button
• add as many desks as you need into your classroom
• add multiple desks at once and they will be placed in the classroom evenly space with the number of rows and columns you select
• arrange and rotate desks to suit your teaching style
• change desk colors, helpful for group work
• lock desks from accidentally being moved
• align your desks more easily by turning the grid on and off.
• Email, print or save your classroom layout to your photo album
• landscape design to feel more like your physical classroom
• Teacher View: allows for the teacher to view the classroom layout from the front of the room
• Lock Desks: lock individual desks, so that no changes can be made to it

In App Purchase:
• import Students from your Address Book, a file stored in iTunes or Dropbox or an emailed file
• unlimited classrooms

We are excited to keep growing Be Seated.
Upcoming updates will include:
• Undo and Redo when configuring the desks
• Add in additional classroom objects
• Save classroom configurations to reuse later
• Add notes to individual students
• Track attendance
• Your suggestions, so please don’t hesitate to send us feedback, it’s easy … you can do it directly within the Be Seated

Feedback is welcome and we make it easy to reach us directly in the app.


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2 Activities

  1. Beth Alsen - Mesa Community College says:

    This app has a great concept and application, but does not full ratings by me since is just misses the mark. It is easy to use and even easier to load class rosters. And, the visual effect is fantastic! It is clean, crisp and looks great. However, they needed to put more design into the application of the app. While you can organize and change the learners seats quite readily, you cannot take attendance…huh? I know…this is why this app is not on my souvenir list!

  2. Tanner Osman - Mesa Community College says:

    This app is a really good idea. While taking EDU220 from Beth Alsen, I have realized how important a classrooms seating arrangement can be for students. A well thought out seating arrangement is crucial to students’ success. The fact that you can print and email seating arrangements, makes this app worth it for me. Also, a bonus is tracking attendance…just another very valuable feature to this app.

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