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What is Fotobabble?

Fotobabble allows users to upload a photo and add audio to it.  You can quickly turn a picture into an audio picture story.
Using Fotoabble is easy, just upload an image to Fotobabble, allow Fotobabble to access your computer’s microphone, and start recording your voice. You can comment on your photo, explain what’s happening your photo, or tell a story related to your photo.


3 Activities

  1. Beth Alsen - Mesa Community College says:

    Great app! Fotobabble is easy to use and in minutes you can create a talking photo…imagine the stories that could be told! So, gather your snapshots and let them start talking telling the who, what, where-when and why! Don’t just stop at building a community to get to know one another…keep talking…use this app to explain a concept, a technical image or even a graph. And, flip it…have the learners explain the image. This tool has many possibilities and definitely a useful souvenir.

  2. Lillian Kelly - Mesa Community College says:

    This would be a great activity to do during the first week of school. Fotobabble would be a great tool to share information in a creative, fast, and easy way. In addition to sharing stories, students could share their favorite colors, favorite food, and even a favorite family tradition. Students could use this tool to do presentations or share their essays. They could also use this to describe a science concept. This is a great way to check that your students are understanding concepts and it would be a great tool for review.

  3. Ikeem Dickerson - Mesa Community College says:

    I am making a picture for my reading class. It is an assignment where we, the students, are introducing each other.

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