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If you shop for groceries and interested in reading the list of ingredients, identifying food allergens, Gluten sensitivities, and Lactose intolerance’s, then MyFoodFacts™ is for you!

Reading ingredients has just been made easier – in just 2-3 seconds, MyFoodFacts™ will display the list of ingredients on your phone in large and clear font!

Using the iPhone camera, scan the UPC bar-code of processed foods in the supermarkets. MyFoodFacts™ then searches a comprehensive food product database of thousands products and manufacturers for allergens that may be present on food product labels. If a food allergen is found, then MyFoodFacts™ immediately alerts you.

You can personalize MyFoodFacts™ to search for your food allergens by selecting one or multiple allergens or intolerance’s from the settings menu as follows:

– Gluten
– Corn
– Egg
– Fish
– Milk
– Peanut
– Sesame Seed
– Shellfish
– Soy
– Sulphite
– Tree Nut
– Wheat

MyFoodFacts™ also detects common derivatives associated with the list of allergens and intolerance’s. For milk:

– Ammonium
– Calcium
– Casein
– Caseinate
– Curds
– Delactosed/Demineralised Whey
– Dry Milk
– Hydrolyzed Casein
– Hydrolyzed Milk Protein
– Lactalbumin
– Lactate/Lactose
– Lactoferrin
– Lactoglobulin
– Milk Derivative/Fat/Protein
– Modified Milk Ingredients
– Opta
– Simplesse
– Whey/Whey Protein Concentrate

With MyFoodFacts™, you don’t have to carry a list of derived ingredients or try to remember what they are. MyFoodFacts™ also helps those who are not familiar with food allergens and care for family members such as babysitters, daycare centers, schools, grandparents, aunts, and uncles. They can simply use MyFoodFacts™ to scan food products in their cupboards, refrigerators, and freezers to alert them to any potential food allergens.

“MyFoodFacts™ will not only alert the patient to foods they are allergic to, but also compliment dietetic input,” said Dr. Rosan Meyer, Paediatric Dietician, Switzerland. At this time, MyFoodFacts™ primarily contains US based food products. Food products for Canada are currently being collected and once completed, it will be officially launched in Canada.

MyFoodFacts™ now provides you with immediate “food recalls” and “undeclared allergen” alerts directly from trusted sources and agencies including the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN) & the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)!

By downloading and using MyFoodFacts™, you understand and accept the Terms & Conditions and End User Licensing Agreement found at myfoodfacts.com and Apple End User Licenese Agreement (EULA).


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