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iTunes LinkNet Master HD – IT Tools & LAN Scanner

Net Master HD – IT Tools & LAN Scanner


Net Master HD is the ultimate mobile solution for all your network analysis and diagnostic problems. Net Master HD is a utility application designed for the iPad and developed for Network Administrators and IT Professionals but presented in a format targeted for non-professionals. All the essential networking tools are available in one convenient mobile application.

Networking Tools available include:

* LAN Scan for complete scanning and diagnostics of all devices connected to a Local Area Network.
— Includes: TCP Connect LAN Scanning, ARP table scan.
— Also includes NetBios Scan, Bonjour Scan and Port Scanning.
— Reverse DNS Lookup.
— Wake On LAN functionality.
— Dictionary lookups for MAC addresses, common Port addresses and many Bonjour Services.
— All information presented to the user in a easy to understand user interface.
— Save previous Scans to reload and review later

* Geographical Trace Route for determining the route path and measuring the transit times across an IP network.
— Asynchronous Trace algorithm provides extremely fast results
— Graphical plotting of ping results for all hops
— Geo-location information for hops
— Reverse Hostname (DNS Information)
— IP Address of each hop
— Monitors Average packet round trip time
— Packet count and lost information
— WHOIS hostnames and IP address range
— Works over WiFi or Cellular network connection
— Save previous Traces to review later

Note: Geographical route of hops is based on third-party publicly accessible IP geo-location services. There are occasions when location data for those services is incorrect causing anomalies in the visual presentation. This location information will become more accurate as more users run traces from various locations.

* Port Scan for determining what services are listening on a device.
— Multi-thread TCP port scanner on cellular or WiFi network.
— Quick scan for the most popular ports does a scan within a few seconds.
— Scanning parameters are fully adjustable to handle different network environments.

* Ping for monitoring and graphing response times of a device on the network.
— Email ability for saving results.

* Subnet Calculator for providing the information needed to make decisions regarding your subnetting.

All the networking tools for the IT Professionals in one application.


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