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TeacherPlan Lite is a professional lesson planning template that empowers you to quickly and creatively write an individual lesson plan. TeacherPlan saves you time planning lessons because it has hundreds of prewritten lesson ideas which you insert directly into your plan by just tapping on them.

Three steps to a great lesson plan.
1. Type in your topic.
2. Type in or choose what you will do (swipe to the left to choose from prewritten ideas).
3. Save your lesson to your calendar, email, or .txt file.

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Useful Tips
The best way of learning TeacherPlan is to get on and use it but here are some tips to help you get the most out of it:
To get ideas for any section swipe to the left.
To read the full details of any of the ideas (after you have swiped left) tap on the blue arrow to the right of the idea.
To delete all of the text in a section; select the section, make sure you are at the bottom of the text (scroll if necessary), tap twice in a white area, tap on ‘Select All’ from the pop up menu, tap delete on the keyboard.
To dismiss the keyboard tap on the done button or anywhere on the title bar.
To quickly delete the template text from a section just swipe right. To show the template text again swipe right once more. When the template text is displayed that section will not be shown in your final plan.
Jump between the Topic entry box and the export options (calendar, email, .txt) by tapping on the ‘Done’ button in the top right.
For an easy to read overview of your lesson plan tap on ‘Export .txt’.
To print from an internet connected computer; save the lesson to your email drafts and then open up your email on the computer. Alternatively save your lesson to your iCloud calendar and open that up from your computer (go to iCloud.com).
To print from an iPad or iPhone; tap on ‘Export .txt’, tap the arrow in the top right and then tap on ‘Print’.
Use your lesson plan in any other App by tapping ‘Clipboard’, you can now paste your lesson anywhere.
Get comfortable; select the orientation that will get you the size of text and ease of typing that are appropriate for you. You can choose either portrait or landscape.
To save to your email drafts; tap on ‘Export .txt’, tap on the arrow in the top right, tap on ‘Mail’, tap ‘Cancel’ and then tap ‘Save As Draft’.
To export to an application that reads text files (such as Pages), tap on ‘Export .txt’, tap the arrow in the top right and select the App.
To quickly generate a lesson plan using random lesson ideas make a very quick left right flick of the wrist motion with your iPad or iPhone (make sure you are holding firmly and there is nothing in the way).
Find a .txt copy of all of your lesson plans by going to the TeacherPlan folder when your iPhone or iPad is connected to iTunes on a computer.
To see this tips again at any time from withinTeacherPlan tap on ‘App Store Review’ and then tap ‘More’ to reveal the full app description including these tips.

TeacherPlan is also great for training design, session planning, seminar preparation, tutorial planning, lecture planning, coaching planning, tutoring planning, home schooling planning, instructional exercises, assignment ideas, teaching problems, homework suggestions, educational activities and learning tasks.


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