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iTunes LinkWorld Atlas and Maps –HD

World Atlas and Maps –HD


✔ The only World Atlas on iPad with the facility to “Print”, “Mail” and “Save” Maps
✔ The only World Atlas on iPad with maps for each individual country
✔ The only World Atlas on iPad that works “Completely offline” for all utilities (except zoom down to city level maps world weather,time Zone and Airport Finder)

The Best Atlas experiance that your iPad can get

600,000+ people have already benefited from the our app. Now its your turn

:: Don’t believe us? Believe the reviews ::

“Rank: #7 in Reference”
– Padgadget.com

“With its premium release, the iPad World Atlas by MapsofWorld.com sees many enhancements. Loads of new utilities have been added, and the app is being targeted at students.”
-Yahoo News

“Use World Atlas and Maps -HD app that is specially designed for the students.” – Topappreviews101.com

“It’s not just an Atlas. It’s many apps rolled into one!”
– iPadappsdude.com

“Looking for an Atlas that increases your productivity? Try World Atlas and Maps – HD by www.Mapsofworld.com”
– iOSnoops.com

:: The Best of Maps ::

Exploring the world on iPad becomes a pleasure when you have elegant maps with complete detail. We provide you high-quality, 3D relief maps, so that can explore any country you want, in as much detail as you want, using the trendy pinch-and-zoom style.

:: The Best of Features ::

Need to print maps for practice? No worries, the World Atlas lets you print them directly, without any hassles. Choose from blank maps, physical maps, topographic maps, elevation maps, and more. Is there a map you liked? Email it directly and help out your friends. It even works when you are not connected!
Homework becomes so easy now.

:: The Best of Utilities ::

What are the top 10 countries by area,by highest and lowest GDP and by highest Internet users? How about by population?

:: What now? ::

Thousands of students have downloaded and loved the app. It helps them do better at studies.

Now it’s your turn.

The reviews say this better than we do:

“It’s not just an atlas. It’s many apps rolled into one!”

“Rank #7 in Reference”

“[. . .] specially designed for students.”

:: Beautiful Maps ::

Maps should be developed artistically, with enough love for detail. This is why this atlas uses the pleasing 3D-relief maps provided by MapsofWorld.com. Now you will never tire of exploring the world and learning in the popular pinch-and-zoom style.

:: Great Features ::

Like a map you are exploring? Then instantly print it over wireless or email it to a friend as a high-quality file for printing. We also have ready maps for practice – blank maps, political maps, outline maps, physical maps . . . just pick what you want. Double-tapping on a country lets you explore it in more detail, with all the regions and borders clearly marked.

:: Helpful Utilities ::

Converting between currencies, getting instant weather updates, and visually comparing multiple countries is now easy. Airport finder utility,time zone utility and on this day utility is also helpful.

:: An atlas everyone could use ::

To be fair, World Atlas is useful for students, teachers, researchers, enthusiasts and travelers alike. After all, who wouldn’t want to explore the world at leisure, with so many tools at hand!

Don’t miss the next wave of innovation. Try it now!
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  1. Michael Cremin - Mesa Community College says:

    This is a very good App for any student or Educator in the area of Geography. I love how it is more than just a map. It has data on all the countries to include politics, religion and culture. Any thing from the countries GNP to its flag can be found. This App is useful in and out of class as its a great tool for any traveler or explorer. As a teacher the amount of projects and assignments that you can center around this App is endless. It’s a great tool for class with English Language Learners (ELL) as you can study the home countries of your Ell students in way that captures the attention of the class. I think this is a great application for diversity and cultural studies, it’s a great tool for understanding the fundamentals of geography and it’s fun and interesting to students of all ages.

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