eVenture Program

The Center for Teaching Learning (CTL0 is excited to announce “Choose Your Own eVenture” (eVenture).  Just like those fabulous books from the 80s, you get to determine the “ending” (or outcome) of your project!

In an effort to create professional development projects that are based on your instructional goals and aligned to college initiatives, we are happy to offer eVenture! This program is designed to provide you with individualized support and a stipend to experience professional development with a specific project in mind that is important to you, your instructional goals, and the college initiatives.  eVenture is designed to foster professional development, cultivate a sense of community, provide time to learn about and complete a “design” project, and offer CTL support along the way.

The initiatives/topics you can use to create a Choose Your Own eVenture project include:

  • Open Educational Resources (OER) – intended for a reduction of cost to students (i.e. replace textbook)
  • Hybrid course design (aka blending learning) must reduce in-person seat time
  • Flipped classroom course design
  • Quality Matters (QM course design; must already have an online or hybrid course and be willing to learn QM and redesign using the QM standards)
  • Culturally Responsive Teaching (Ideas include: Examining individual achievement gap data and making adjustments to course delivery and design, building assignments for culturally diverse student body, redesigning assessments to account for diverse learners, etc.)

The Choose Your Own eVenture program requirements include:

  1. Initial Interest Form with Department Chair acknowledgement DUE 4.08.2019
  2. Consultation meeting with eVenture Coordinator
  3. Project Proposal Form including Professional Development (PD) 10 hours, timeline, activities, and deliverables, budget (submitted and approved for program participation)
  4. Submit Mid-point Reflective Document demonstrating progress toward project deliverables
  5. Complete individually designed project deliverables
  6. Participate in a Project Showcase during the following semester


eVenture is offered twice a year. The programs are designed to span partial summer so either timeline provides you with some time during the summer to work toward project completion. Therefore the applications occur in mid-late fall for Spring Semester – June 15 projects. Applications occur in mid-late Spring for the July 1- Fall Semester program.



Choose Your Own eVenture participants can be provided with funding up to $1500. Collaborative project participants can be eligible for more (up to maximum $3000) depending on number of collaborators and classroom impact. NOTE: Due to Federal requirements faculty who are at maximum load during either semester (spring + summer) are not eligible for additional funding through any stipend program, including eVenture.

Program Details

  1. Initial Interest Form: Potential applicants must first complete the Initial Interest Form that is linked directly below from the eVenture website. All interest forms will be reviewed by the CTL eVenture leads to determine strength/clarity of project and path as well as alignment to eVenture program initiatives. Please note: that all project related activities and artifacts need to utilize and/or support our enterprise systems (i.e. Canvas) and the institutional eLearning expectations.
  2. Applicants whose projects are clearly articulated and align with the eVenture paths will be invited to next phase of the application process, beginning with a consultation meeting with the eVenture coordinator to review program requirements. This meeting will cover the specifics required of the Project Proposal Form including proposed project  timeline, activities, and deliverables as well as recommendations to complete 10 hours of Professional Development.
  3. Applicants will submit the Project Proposal Form that is linked below on the eVenture website.  All Project Proposals will be reviewed by CTL eVenture leads to decide which projects will be awarded based on funding availability. The eVenture Coordinator will provide feedback if revisions are required before awarding project funding.
  4. eVenture participants will be provided a reflective document template and rubric. This document will provide a mid-point update on Professional Development and design project progress. The document will be submitted to the eVenture leads for review and feedback.
  5. Complete individually designed project deliverables
  6. eVenture participants will participate in the Project Showcase in celebration with the department chairs and colleagues.

All faculty are encouraged to apply. Faculty can apply to go through the program again under a different topic (in a different semester), however, to ensure access and fairness across the institution, priority will be given to new participants each time. Adjunct Faculty note: All Adjunct Faculty are encouraged to apply, if you are not scheduled for a class in the online schedules available, we will seek Chair support as part of the initial interest form decision process.

Join the fun – do something you are excited about – let’s work together and Choose Your Own e-Venture!!

Final thoughts: eVenture and any other funded program must be “above and beyond” your normal job duties, course development is an assumed part of your job. An example of what is above and beyond might include: redesign using QM standards or more engagement through Flipped  because you need to learn about these and redesign your current practice.

Also, note, this is an MCC program and only MCC residential and adjunct faculty are eligible.

Please know, funded development is considered “work for hire” and legally enters you into a shared license agreement with the District office.

Example Proposals

Example Mid-point Reflections