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eVenture Project Proposal Form
In consultation with the eVenture Coordinator to identify the following Project Proposal details.
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Open Education Resources (OER)
Hybrid Course Design
Flipped Classroom
Z Degree (OER Online Course)
Quality Matters (QM)
Culturally Responsive Teaching
Course this project is going to be used for.....
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Professional Development *
I will commit to a total 10 hours of PD, of which a minimum of 6 hours of formal, organized PD will be completed through the MCC Center for Teaching and Learning. Two hours will be scheduled as consultation with an MCC-CTL Instructional Designer. The remaining 2 hours of PD can be completed on your own including additional consultation or reading. These will be reported in the Mid-Point Reflection.
Project Timeline including Activities & Deliverables *
Scope of project including tentative dates, activities, and tangible deliverables (we suggest you work in a 2 week increments)
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Proposed Budget I agree... *
to the following budget (unless I am asking for less) of aproximately 54.5 hours X $27.50 = $1500
I agree.... *
to complete all program requirements (including midpoint report) and deliverables outlined in my proposal.
I agree.... *
to participate in the eVenture Showcase that will be scheduled during the following semester.
I agree...
That if I am producing content for use online with students that I will utilize the district-supported learning management system (currently Canvas) as stated in the eLearning Expectations.
HCM Fine Print
Per District Legal and RFP the following conditions apply for all "for hire" contracts and are included in your HCM job document: Employee must make progress on the project by providing the deliverables assigned to each deadline specified in the application. For this assignment Employee understands that his/her employment is "at-will". This means MCCCD may terminate his/her assignment at any time during the term of this assignment with or without cause. Employee understands and accepts that this assignment is not continuing in nature and nothing contained in this document shall be construed to mean assignment will continue beyond the ending date specified above. Employee understands that any instructional assignment depends upon sufficient enrollment and administrative decision in order to complete the assignment. Any materials, products, programs, designs or other creative works developed as part of the project or services described on this Form shall be the sole property of the Maricopa Community Colleges except as provided in Paragraph 3.2.1 of the Residential Faculty Policy Manual, if applicable. Any agreement specifying that the employee shall own the works must be in writing and agreed to by an authorized representative of the Maricopa Community College before the employee performs the services specified on this Form. Employee understands that additional assignments and/or Special Services Employment for a governing board-approved employee must be performed outside the Employee's normal work hours or hours of accountability. Employee further understands Special Services Employment may not include duties within the scope of his/her board-approved employment. In the event the additional assignments or special services employment occur during normal work hours or hours of accountability, the Employee must claim vacation or another form of absence in order to complete assignment.
Collaboration Projects
Please note, each collaborator needs to agree to the proposed project details, timelines, etc. Projects will be awarded finally upon email verification of collaboration from all team members.
My Collaborators are:
Collaborators will receive this proposal via email for confirmation - to be handled by the eVenture Coordinator.
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