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The Mesa Community College Center for Teaching and Learning strives to leads and inspires the advancement of innovative teaching and learning for student success. The CTL seeks to be a dynamic location for learning transformation at MCC so that our professional educators in our community will be engaged in the intellectual, academic, and professional pursuits essential to continually refining our practice of teaching to ultimately ensure student learning effectiveness, retention and success.

Professional Development Microcredential

An ongoing goal of the CTL is to foster professional development experiences that are not only crucial to our departments and individual faculty members but that are reliable, engaging, relevant, and provide faculty the  opportunity to immediately use or implement new learning. To accomplish this, the CTL is piloting a new stackable, digital badge microcredential program for faculty to engage in activities that are personal to individual teaching goals and receive feedback from our highly talented and qualified staff.

Introducing Microcredential PD opportunities through the Center for Teaching and Learning!

These will be unique in that they will be:

  • Online
  • Open entry/open exit
  • Competency based
  • Clearly defined
  • Aligned
  • Stacked (By outcomes and by Level 1, Level 2, etc.)
  • Clear outcomes
  • Produce evidence and portfolio products
  • Have individualized feedback from CTL experts
  • Associated; stackable badges  


The 2017-2018 academic year will be dedicated to designing and building our first level microcredentials in certain areas. The following year will result in new topics and higher levels.

  • Fall 2017 (online with in-person optional support): Next Gen Educator: Course Alignment + OER + Hybrid/Flipped
  • Spring 2018 (online): eLearning Educator, Productivity, Multimedia
  • Fall 2018 (online): Assessment, Global Citizenship, Innovation in the Classroom, Learning Spaces, and more!

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Next Gen Microcredential Learning Plan

The Next Generation Education microcredential is a face-to-face program for cross-disciplinary faculty to develop knowledge and skills to effectively promote learning for the 21st Century learner.  Coursework focuses on best practices for teaching 21st Century learners, with an emphasis on effective course/curriculum design aligned to competencies/standards, outcomes-based assessment, and educational applications of technology.

The Next Gen micocredential creates an opportunity for cross-disciplinary educators to develop knowledge and skills to optimize their effectiveness as teachers of 21st Century learners.  By offering these opportunities as part of a microcredential, completers can stack digital badges to complete a microcredential.

Next Gen Core
Learning Outcomes (competencies, program outcomes, 4Cs), Course Mapping and Alignment 2
OER 101 1
Stereotypes and Bias in Materials 1
Media Development & Canvas Integration 1
Discovering OERs and Canvas Integration (search, organize, apply) 2
Design Principles: Creating and Formatting OERs (styles, color, images, close caption, accessibility) 1
Evaluating OER (accessibility, currency, credibility, reading level, etc.) 2
Designing with Canvas (Flipped/Blended/OER) 1
Assessment for Learning (Formative, summative, authentic, rubrics, SGID, Graffiti) 2
Advanced Organizers: Student Accountability & Engagement 2
Principles for Engaged Learning 2
Google Productivity for Teaching & Learning 1

Learning Outcomes and Course AlignmentThe Center for Teaching and Learning, in alignment with core programs and initiatives at MCC,  has identified areas of opportunity for faculty professional development through a stackable microcredential program, the Next Generation Educator. Within this microcredential faculty can earn stackable digital badges, that when all badges are completed, will result in a microcredential issued by the Center for Teaching and Learning. The core Next Gen Educator areas are:

  • Open Educational Resources
  • Flipped and Hybrid Learning
  • Essentials of 21st Century Teaching and Learning

Upon completion of each core area a digital badge will be issued via Credly. When all badges in this program are earned a microcredential for the Next Gen Educator will be awarded. All programs require online deliverables of personalized projects designed to engage each participate with content from each pd experience.

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