QM Process: Timeline and Application

About QM

Quality Matters (QM) is a nationally recognized, research-based, faculty-centered, peer review process designed to acknowledgeQuality Matters at MCC the quality of online/hybrid courses. The QM Program was originally developed by a USDOE Fund for the Improvement of Post Secondary Education (FIPSE) grant.  It created a set of review criteria based on the research literature and national standards, incorporated these criteria into an interactive web-based rubric with annotations, and developed training and a process for conducting a team course reviews and faculty development programs. This rubric is regularly reviewed and updated to reflect researched best practices in online education.

QM Overview Video

QM Rubric

The QM Process at MCC

As a Maricopa Community College, MCC is part of a districtwide QM initiative and process. Each college has designated Quality Matters Coordinators who oversee the application process at each college site. In addition the district has Course Review Managers who coordinate the entire QM process at the district level including the submission of the course for review and assembly of the Peer Review Teams.

MCC’s Quality Matter Coordinators (QMC):

Jeffrey Anderson, jeffrey.anderson@mesacc.edu

Helice Agria, helice.agria@mesacc.edu

Beth Alsen, beth.alsen@mesacc.edu

Annapurna Ganesh, annapurna.ganesh@mesacc.edu

Jennifer Strickland, jennifer.strickland@mesacc.edu

MCCCD’s QM Course Review Managers (CRM):

Jeffrey Anderson, jeffrey.anderson@mesacc.edu

Karen Russo, karren.russo@gatewaycc.edu

Pat Serrano, pat.serrano@scottsdalecc.edu

Is there a stipend?

Yes, at MCC a $200.00 will be awarded upon the course becoming QM certified. (Contingent upon funding availability).

The Steps:

Step 1: Preparing for the QM Review

Timeframe: Varies. Based on Course Representative schedule.

The Course Representative should complete the following to verify and ensure that their course is ready to undergo the QM Peer Review Process.

  1. Conduct a Self-Review of the course using the QM Rubric 5th Edition and MyQM Self-Review System.
  2. To prepare for the application, compile the measurable learning objectives for each of the course modules (not the course competencies). Note: a formal course review cannot be completed without measurable module-level learning objectives.
  3. Complete and submit the QM Course Review Application.


Attend a APPQMR Workshop. This QM course, facilitated by MCCCD, is designed to help prepare Course Representatives to submit their course for QM certification and is a prerequisite for the QM Peer Reviewer Certification (PRC) Course. This in-depth workshop explains each of the QM Rubric Standards through interactive activities and assignments. Participants will complete the training with tools and ideas to design a course to meet QM standards and skills to become a Quality Matters peer reviewer. Sessions are offered face-to-face (one-day, 8 hours) or online (2-weeks, 8-10 hours per week) each semester. Check the CTL Calendar for upcoming sessions.


Apply for the Mesa Gold Star Program, a MCC recognized stipend-based, faculty-centered, training and peer-review process to support Course Representatives to design an internet or hybrid course based on the QM Rubric. Learn more about Mesa Gold Star.

Step 2: Peer Review Team Assembly

Timeframe: Varies. Based on availability of Peer Reviewers.

Upon review of the application, a Peer Review Team will be assembled by the MCCCD CRM using the MCCCD Peer Review pool.  The team will consist of:

  • QM Master Reviewer who leads the Peer Review Team (Chair)
  • QM Peer Reviewer who is a SME (Subject Matter Expert)
  • QM Peer Reviewer (External)

NOTE: It may take time to assemble the Peer Review Team since there is a limited amount of Master Reviewers as well as SME’s.  Additionally, reviewers are volunteers and must finish their reviews before committing to review another course.

Step 3: Course Information Worksheet and Course Access

Timeframe: 1-2 weeks.

The MCCCD CRM will register the course and the Peer Review Team into the QM system.  Upon completion of registration, the college QMC (QM Coordinator) will notify the Course Representative that the team has been assembled, who the members of the team are, and that the formal review can begin. At this point the Course Representative must complete the following:

  1. Complete the Course Information Worksheet.
    To access the Course Information Worksheet, go to: http://www.qmprogram.org/myqm/ and log-in (create an account as needed).  After logging-in, from the top menu select Course Review Management System.  Select the Higher Education tab and click-on Work on Your Course Worksheet. Note: Sample Course Worksheets are available to review.
  2. Contact the Master Reviewer assigned to the Peer Review Team.
  3. Contact college QMC, Jeffrey Anderson, at jeffrey.anderson@mesacc.edu to provide the Peer Review Team access to the course.

Step 4: The Peer Review Process

Timeframe: Active review 3 weeks, post review 1 week and revisions (if required) 14 weeks.

  1. The Master Reviewer will contact the Peer Review members and the Course Representative for a conference call to discuss the time frame and process.
  2. Upon completion of the Peer Review, QM and the Master Reviewer will contact the Course Representative and notify them of the review outcome.
  • If the course meets QM: The Course Representative will receive an email on how to access the course review certificate and the “QM Recognized” logo.
  • If the course does not meet QM initially: The Course Representative complete the online “Course Representative Response Form,” to indicate if they will complete the recommended changes or end the process.  If they proceed, then, the Master Reviewer and the Course Representative will set a deadline date for the changes to be completed.  Upon completion of the recommended changes, the Course Representative submits the ”Course Amendment Form” (located on the QM site) with a summary of the amendments.  The Master Reviewer will verify the that the standards have been met and submit the results to QM.  If the course meets QM expectations, the Course Representative will receive an email on how to access the course review certificate and the “QM Recognized” logo. Remember that the goal of QM is to have all courses meet the standard.

    All reviews must be completed within 20 weeks from the review set up date including the amendment review by the Master Reviewer.  If the time frame is exceeded then, the Course Representative does not meet QM and must re-submit for a new review.

Learn more…

Quality Matters: http://www.qmprogram.org/.