Adobe Connect® Eligibility

Who is eligible to use Adobe Connect® ?

At MCC we have a total of 25 Meeting Host licenses (for faculty and staff) available to use in Connect® at any given time. Within the district there is also a limit of 500 concurrent (synchronous) participant seats available for students and other session attendees. Because of these limitations, instructional use (that demonstrates a specific need for the feature set of  Adobe Connect®) will be given first priority. Additional uses will be considered based on availability. Fortunately we have lots of other great tools available at MCC with similar features. Review the Use Case Guide to see if Adobe Connect® or if another tool would best meet your instructional or meeting goals.

How many seats and how often are they available for me to use?

There are 500 concurrent district “seats” available for use and they are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis as determined by each college. Although this sounds like a lot of seats, for a district that serves over 250,000 students and 6,000 employees it is not very many and we could easily hit capacity. Just 20 classes or meetings with 25 participants each, at one time, would cap out the availability for the entire district. This would mean that some participants would not be able to access their sessions. This is something we don’t ever want to have happen to a student!

To ensure that we are using Connect® to full effect, we have allocated 15 licenses for specialized instructional needs (Review the Use Case Guide) on a semester long basis. Faculty who receive this license will be able to schedule, create and host their own sessions throughout the semester.

An additional 10 licenses are available for instructional and non-instructional use on a rotating basis. All requests for instructional use that meet the use criteria (Review the Use Case Guide) will be automatically accepted (given availability, Check the Calendar) and session privileges granted for the date(s)/time(s) requested. Non-instructional use will be awarded given availability (Check the Calendar). Requests for single-use must be made at least 1 week prior to the proposed session date/time.

If it is determined that your request does not require the specialized tools of Connect®, you will be asked to consider using another tool such as Big Blue Button (Canvas Conferencing), Google Hangouts, etc. to meet your session needs. The MCC Center for Teaching & Learning will help make recommendations and support you through the options.