Adobe Connect® Support

What do I (and my students) need to have to use Adobe Connect®?

For full technical specifications please visit the MCCCD Quick Start resource. However basic needs are a microphone and speakers or a headset (preferred), internet connection, and administrative rights to your computer so you can update software as needed. Specific software includes Adobe Flash Player 15 or higher and the Connect®Add-in. Internet Explorer or Google Chrome are the recommended browsers, but Connect® is supported in all major browsers and on certain iOS/Android mobile devices through a specialized App.

Learn more about Planning an Adobe Connect® Session.

Where do I get support for Adobe Connect®? Can the students or I contact the MCC HelpCenter?

If you need support for Adobe Connect® please contact Adobe Connect® Customer Support:

888.523.8445  | | Online Support Center

Additionally the MCC HelpCenter may be able to provide some limited support during their working hours.

480-461-7217 | | Live Chat

How can I learn how to use Adobe Connect® to decide if I want to use it?

Adobe Connect® offers demo sessions daily! Perfect for seeing Connect®  in action before you go live with your session! See the demo schedule for details.

How do I get into my Adobe Connect® session?

If you are approved for a semester license you will be able to create, set-up and access your own sessions. For one-time session requests, once your session is scheduled you will be sent an email with a link for you and your participants. You are the meeting host, your students or guests are the participants. You will need to forward the link to your guests/students and they click on that to enter. You, as the host, will click on the link to enter the same session, but your permissions will give you access to tools that your students do not.

Does Adobe Connect® work inside of Canvas?

Adobe Connect® has the ability to work in conjunction with many Learning Management Systems, however, because of the limitations of our license, our installation does not. However, you can add the link to a session within Canvas on a content page, home page, assignment, etc. for students to access.

Instructions for adding links to Canvas. Contact the MCC Center for Teaching & Learning for more details.