Red Room Studio

Andrew Kasian Digital Media SpecialistWe are not your typical film production crew. As a part of the Center for Teaching & Learning, we film with “a story in mind”. We are evolving from videographers and editors to visual storytellers. It’s more that just hitting record on the camera, it’s about capturing memorable moments, iconic speeches, hidden successes and telling a story from the inside out.

Emileigh Liebetruth Digital Media AssistantWe are seeking faculty on campus who wish to share their journey, their experiences, their passion for what they have come to know best, TEACHING. Together we can forward the mission of the college from various points of view all uniquely shared by faculty who make Mesa Community College what it is – an institution of higher learning.

Our goal is to serve YOU and YOUR vision for higher education and the best part is we are a FREE resource, readily available whenever and wherever you may need the use of a camera! We live in a digital age that is constantly growing with new ideas and technology every day so why not take your content to the next digital dimension and make learning more engaging and valuable for students!

Types of Services we offer:

  • Academic and college event filming
  • Video & Sound Editing
  • Live Streaming
  • Screen Casting
  • Video Conversion
  • Canvas Integration
  • YouTube Support
  • Photography
  • Sound Recording

Want to take your classroom ideas to the next level? Meet with the studio team and lets make your teaching style shine through from a camera’s point of view!

Andrew Kasian Digital Media Specialist 480-461-7630

Emileigh Liebetruth Digital Specialist Assistant 480-461-7130

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