Course Design Institute

The two-day Course Design Institute provides faculty with a collaborative environment to design a new course, or modify an existing course, that is optimized for student inclusion, learning, and engagement. The professional development institute is open to faculty from all disciplines teaching in any course modality.

By the end of the Course Design Institute, participants will:

  • Integrate research-based practices into course components.
  • Elevate cultural ways of knowing and professional identity into teaching and learning.

Summer 2024 Institute

DATES: August 7-8
TIME: 9:00AM – 2:30PM
COMPENSATION: 10 FPG clock hours pending approval OR one-time payment of ~$330

Day 1 Objectives and Agenda

  1. Get to know MCC students.
  2. Explore cultural frameworks and professional identity in teaching and learning.
  3. Describe your philosophy of assessment.
  4. (Re)create a course syllabus that resonates with a capacity building mindset.
9:00AM – 10:15AMCultural Introspection and Roundtable Discussion with Students
10:15AM – 11:15AMPhilosophy of Assessment
11:15AM – 11:45AMLUNCH
11:45AM – 12:45PMDescribing Expectations
12:45PM – 2:00PMCapacity Building Syllabus
2:00PM – 2:30PMReflective Educator

Day 2 Objectives and Agenda

  1. (Re)create a lesson that demonstrates transparency in teaching and learning and connects to students’ lives.
  2. Apply a quality rubric to course design.
9:00AM – 10:15AMLesson Planning
10:15AM – 11:15AMQuality Course Design Rubric Analysis
11:15AM – 11:45AMLUNCH
11:45AM – 12:45PMQuality Course Design Review
12:45PM – 2:00PMCourse Design
2:00PM – 3:00PMReflective Educator


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Funding provided by the U.S. Department of Education Title V SENDAS Grant. Open to MCC employees only.