eVenture Program

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is excited to announce eVenture is undergoing some revisions for Spring 2021.

The idea of this program is designed to infuse professional development with 1:1 consultation for individualized support. eVenture is a responsive CTL program designed to foster professional development, cultivate a sense of community, provide time to learn about and complete an instructional project, encourage department sharing, and offer CTL support along the way.

It is an expectation that the project faculty develop through eVenture will be shared among faculty.


The eVenture program requirements include:
Note: Z Icon indicating optional Z Course requirement. indicates an optional Z Course requirement.

  1. Submit the [coming soon] with acknowledgement of Department Chair support.
  2. Complete 10 hours of professional development including:
  3. Meet with an eLearning/CTL designer to share how you have applied resources and tools from professional development (see #2) to your work at the college.
  4. Complete your project. ZDegree/No textbook cost projects:
  5. Z Icon indicating optional Z Course requirement. Conduct a Quality Matters Self Review.
  6. Create and share a screencast tutorial of your new or revised course with colleagues in your department.
  7. Make the course available for other MCC faculty to use.


eVenture is ongoing. Faculty may apply at any time for the program. Once approved, faculty must complete the program requirements within a semester (spring, summer, or fall.)


eVenture participants can earn up to [to be determined]. The first payment will be distributed after the faculty/designer consultation session. During the session, the designer will verify that the faculty have applied resources and tools from professional development (see #2 in requirements) to their course design. The second payment will be distributed after the faculty creates and shares the screencast course tutorial and makes the course available to other MCC faculty to use.

Optionally, complete the additional Z Course requirements, indicated by Z Icon indicating optional Z Course requirement., to earn an additional $350. This also requires that all course content will be zero cost to students.

NOTE: Due to Federal requirements, faculty who are at maximum load any semester (spring, summer, or fall) are not eligible for additional funding during that semester through any stipend program, including eVenture.

Program Details

  1. Interest Form: [coming soon]. All interest forms will be reviewed by the CTL eVenture leads to verify program commitment. Applicants who clearly articulate their desire to improve online course design through this professional development program will be invited to participate in the program.
  2. Professional Development: Self-enroll and complete the eLearning and MCC and Canvas for Online Engagement professional development courses. View or attend the online course planning and design sessions. Z Icon indicating optional Z Course requirement. Complete the MCC OER course.
  3. Consultation: Schedule time to meet with an eLearning or CTL designer to share how you have applied resources and tools from professional development (see #2 in requirements) to your course design. The designer may make recommendations to enhance the online course design.
  4. Course Design: Apply what you have learned to your course design. Utilize the following to complete the optional Z Course requirements
  5. Z Icon indicating optional Z Course requirement. Create a Quality Matters account or if you already have one, sign into the Quality Matters website and conduct a Self Review. Make sure to annotate each standard with significant explanation noting the area in which the reviewer can expect to find the evidence. Save the Self Review as a PDF file.
  6. Screencast: Create a screencast tutorial for the course that other faculty might use to explore the course layout and highlight design features.
  7. Course Sharing:
    • Export the Canvas course to an .imscc file. Upload the course export into a provided Google drive repository for other MCC faculty to use.
    • Z Icon indicating optional Z Course requirement. Once you have reviewed and completed the previous four steps, submit your course for Z Degree consideration.
      1. Self Enroll in the Z Degree Program course.
      2. Copy the URL of the Canvas course you would like considered for the Z Course distinction and type it into the Z Course Application assignment.
      3. Include the course prefix and number of the course.
      4. Attach a PDF version of your full QM Self Review to this assignment.
      5. Submit.

Faculty that apply but do not complete the full program (before payment) may apply again. Adjunct Faculty note: All Adjunct Faculty are encouraged to apply, if you are not scheduled for a class in the online schedules available, we will seek Chair support as part of the initial interest form decision process.

Final Thoughts

  • eVenture and any other funded program must be “above and beyond” your normal job duties. Course development is an assumed part of your job which is why the program integrates professional development, CTL consultation, and department sharing.
  • This is an MCC program and only MCC residential and adjunct faculty are eligible.
  • Funded development is considered “work for hire” and legally enters you into a shared license agreement with the District office.