How to Find and Request Applications

CTL iPad Program Program Participants:

You may be used to searching for iOS applications using the iTunes program that would normally sync media and applications using your desktop computer. The Apple Education Volume Purchase Program has made available several applications and books available at a volume discount that can only be found at a special website. Therefore, please follow these instructions in order to find iPad apps, and request them for your iPad

  1. Visit the Apple Volume Purchase Program Education Store at
  2. Search for the application by filling out the search fields as shown in this example:
  3. Locate the App from the search results and click on it:
  4. This will open the application link into a description and review page where the application will show screen shots and show some reviews so you can be sure you’re getting the app you want.
  5. Find the iTunes link and copy the link by right-clicking (PC), CTRL-clicking (MAC) on the ‘View in iTunes’ link and copying the address. (The exact wording of the menu will depend on your choice of web browser). The Google Chrome Browser is shown in this example:
  6. Fill out the App Request form as specified. When you get to the field where you specify the name of the App, paste the link address you just copied in order to ensure that the exact app you have found is the one that is purchased for you. The name of the app is okay, but the iTunes link is more accurate:
  7. NOTE: Some applications if purchased in bulk (i.e. 20 or more) will reduce the purchase price. If you are purchasing for a single device/user, you may be informed that your request may be slightly delayed if it’s realized that several instructors are asking for the same app so that the college can get a better price per app.
  8. Once approved, you will receive an email with a redemption code at the email you supplied via the App Request form. In order to redeem the code, it’s much like redeeming an iTunes gift card. If you have your iPad set to receive email at the email address you provided, you may respond to the email and ask to be sent a special link that will automatically redeem the code and download the app you requested to be purchased. You should then access the email on the iPad to redeem the app as it will be a smoother experience.For more information about redeeming iTunes gift codes see this article on Apple’s iTunes website:
  9. If you have any questions, contact the current iPad Voucher Program Facilitator: Jeffrey Anderson 

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