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Dropbox lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. Access any file you save to your Dropbox from all your computers, iPhone, iPad and even the Dropbox website!

• Access all your photos, docs and videos from any device.
• 2 GB of space when you sign up — free!
• Automatically save photos and videos to Dropbox and earn up to 3 GB additional free space.
• Share a link to even your biggest files— no more attachments!
• Add files to your “Favorites” for fast, offline viewing.

Use Dropbox to save and share photos and videos in a snap or even take your work on the go. If something happens to your iPhone or iPad, your stuff is always safe in Dropbox!

Terms of Service: https://www.dropbox.com/terms


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  1. Karen Guerrero - MCC says:

    This is a great tool to share tools/documents/images/files with students. I created a class dropbox and, after creating documents for my students to use, had them click on Dropbox and the document to have access to it on their iPads. THis took no time at all and was much easier than emailing and/or having students go to a site to find and download the document. Love it!

  2. Caitlin Tervo - MCC says:

    I LOVE Dropbox!! I use Dropbox to save and share music, recordings and pictures with my barbershop quartet. We can access our files from our phones, tables and computers. As a student/performer the convenience of Dropbox is invaluable. As a future instructor, I would definitely use Dropbox to send information to my students, their parents and even, coworkers. I highly recommend this app!

  3. Jonah Hurst - MCC says:

    I find Dropbox very useful in a learning environment. Having the ability to share Lesson Content on the fly can make a huge impact on a student’s life. For example, Let’s say John Doe Has been missing school for multiple days because of a family emergency. I can now schedule any time any where to show him all the content he missed. Or, he can view it himself with this easy sharing App.

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