As technology expands the learning experience by making it more interactive, immersive and engaging with thousands of educational apps from across disciplines and devices, there is no limit to the exciting possibilities for learning.  When learners are deeply engaged, the learning environment comes alive; motivation and retention are improved.  However, for many educators the challenge is, where to begin? Designed based on current research and through two previous efforts (A to Z Web 2.0 Tools and Blooms + Apps), Crossroads is a continuation of the transition from traditional teacher-centered curriculum to active and engaged learner-centered lesson design. It is a place where technology meets pedagogy; exploring, rating and sharing teaching and learning experiences through a worldwide community.

Meet the Crossroads Team

Lesson Designers

Helice Agria – Director, Center for Teaching & Learning

Helice Agria Caricature

Follow Helice as she guides you down the road helping you navigate how to successfully integrate technology while avoiding the speed bumps and construction detours. With her broad knowledge of student affairs and academics, Helice provides an insightful and global perspective of the use of technology to support faculty, students and staff. Explore with Helice as she shares her favorite Apps across disciplines for higher education.

With Helice steering, you will never get lost! So, buckle up and get ready to learn!

Beth Alsen – Education Faculty

Beth Alsen Caricature

Follow Beth around the roundabout to find out how to align Apps to lesson design and delivery for the 21st century learner. With her P20 background experience and professional development expertise, Beth guides instructors through important road work to purposefully integrate technology to support the diverse learners’ needs. Explore with Beth as she pinpoints what apps to use when and how for P20 educators.

So stick with Beth as you chart your route, for the next destination is success!

Annapurna Ganesh – Education Faculty

Annapurna Ganesh Caricature

Follow Annapurna as she gathers snapshots of how to integrate technology throughout lesson design and delivery for Pre-K-8 educators. With her early childhood and higher education experience, Annapurna differentiates learning through the use of Apps to support educators from pre-school to eighth grade. Explore the endless possibilities with Annapurna to engage and motivate learners through the thoughtful use of technology.

A tour with Annapurna is a journey with a friend!

Megan Karns-Garvy – Faculty Instructional Designer, Center for Teaching & Learning

Megan Garvy Caricature

Follow Megan as she marks the map on how to integrate technology throughout lesson design and delivery. With her ESL/bilingual, elementary and secondary background, Megan models how to use Apps to support the diverse learners’ needs. Explore with Megan and discover Apps that can support both content and language development.

You always know where to turn when touring with Megan!

Jennifer Strickland – Director, Center for Teaching & Learning

Jennifer Strickland Caricature

Follow Jennifer as she takes you through the peaks and valleys of the learning process. With her elementary and higher education expertise, Jennifer strategically demonstrates how to use technology to communicate and enhance learning beyond the classroom walls. Explore with Jennifer and embrace technology that will take your learners above and beyond their educational goals.

So, let Jen help you adjust the mirrors and keep everyone in sight!

Web Designers

James Bowles – Web Designer

James Bowles Caricature

Brian Sebern – Digital Artist

Brian Sebern Caricature