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iTunes LinkPrep for iMovie with iPad

Prep for iMovie with iPad


Learn HD video editing for ☆iMovie on any Apple iPad! Edit like a Pro – Get past the learning curve of ☆iMovie & blow your friends away, with killer videos! Thousands mastered HD editing with this hands-on app.

It’s easy- View 31 minutes of Expert How-To Videos / Install In-App media exercise to iPad’s camera roll / Do the editing assignment with the In-App media – Build the same project that we show! Total Hands-on learning. The only iMovie app with a built-in exercise!

▪Lessons developed by a Pro HD video editor
▪31+ minutes of Expert Instruction (English narration only)
▪Exclusive In-App Homework media included
▪All finger swipes & taps are clearly visible
▪No connectivity required.
▪100% applicable to iPad 2,3 & iPad Mini
▪100% applicable to iPhone4 iMovie editing as well
▪Educator’s choice in schools

★Lessons – The Essential Topics (videos)
☆The Interface 1:43 min/sec
☆Editing Crash Course 6:13 min/sec
☆Splitting Clips and Adding Titles 1:30 min/sec
☆Moving, Deleting & UnDo :36 min/sec
☆Animating Still Photos 2:22 min/sec
☆Using Themes 1:00 min/sec
☆Geo-Location and Titling 1:49 min/sec
☆Rotation of a Clip :25 min/sec
☆Shooting into the Timeline :41 min/sec
☆Audio Tracking a Narrative 1:00 min/sec
☆Precision Roller Edits 1:20 min/sec
☆ Split Audio Edits 1:40 min/sec
☆ Freeze Frame 1:22 min/sec
☆ Make a Movie Trailer 1:43 min/sec
☆Your Editing Exercise – Instructions 6:31 min/sec

This is the first, longest selling & most popular iPad2 iMovie editing tutorial in the store. Thousands have chosen this learning experience. K-12 Educators are buying Prep in bulk as their app of choice to teach iMovie editing! Get Prep for your school as well, with Apple’s Educational volume discount plan. Go to: http://volume.itunes.apple.com


Question: Do you show finger swipes and taps?

Answer: Yes we do, this app is not an iPad screen capture (like our competition) our demonstrations were filmed with cameras showing the actual finger taps and swipes.

We believe the magic of iPad is the quick swiping and tapping of your fingers, but those fingers need to be seen. Our filmed videos show all the swipes and taps of human fingers, for an authentic learning experience.

Question: Why buy this app?

Answer: This is the only app with In-App media included, it’s a real course, not a menu of long running narratives. Teachers assign homework for a reason, and we took their example, making a real hands-on learning experience.

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