Route 21

A Road Map for the 21st Century Learner

Crossroads is at the intersection of lesson design and technology. Organized by the Standards of the R21 protocol, it provides guidance on how educators can purposefully design lessons integrating technology throughout to support collaborative and active learning.

There are three primary components to the Route 21 for designing and delivering lessons:

  • The Rubric (Standards)
  • A Peer-to-peer Observation Process
  • Professional Development

The Rubric

The R21 Rubric has eight general standards with specific standards explained and clarified through annotations. These standards reflect how to design and deliver a more engaged lesson for the 21st century learner.

The Connection to Crossroads – Within Crossroads the lesson design and delivery is the focus! The technology tools featured in each standard are integrated to highlight how they are used to support learning within that lesson.

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A Peer-to-Peer Observation Process

R21 is designed as an informal self-reflective analysis or a more formal peer-to-peer review. Each promotes a process for peers to communicate, collaborate, create and critically review lesson design. The protocol is a tool to provide specific feedback about how to actively engage learners through the lesson delivery process.

The Connection to Crossroads – Crossroads allows educators to share their practices with peers and colleagues across the world. It is a dynamic, user content-generated site to share and rate how technology tools are leveraged to support lesson design and delivery to enhance the learning experience.

Professional Development

Professional development for R21 explains lesson design theory more in depth to better apply the standards and create a reflective educator focused on a peer review process to ensure quality and consistency. Ongoing professional development has been created to support the 21st century educator. Opportunities are available as credit courses and non-credit workshops/training across delivery formats.

Interested in participating in a R21 professional development opportunity? Visit our learning opportunities calendar for details of upcoming sessions.

The Connection to Crossroads – The Crossroads project is designed to support the professional development of educators. It serves as a resource repository and engaging community where education professionals can share their knowledge and expertise on lesson design and delivery including the purposeful intersection of technology tools to support learners to meet the mastery of lesson concepts, knowledge and skills.

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