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Extraordinary Videos of Your Life

A fun and beautiful way to share your photos and videos online. Easy as pie! Create videos that express who you are from everyday life events to life’s most important memories.


  • Free version create up to 30 seconds of free video
  • Make a polished video slideshow with lots of style choices
  • Add captions and titles to your photos and video clips
  • Share and make videos from your iPhone or Android
  • High definition quality video
  • Share with others via social networks, link or embedding
  • Thousands of soundtracks with a range of genres to use without worrying about copyright
  • Upload images from a variety of sources including Flickr, Facebook, SmugMug, Instagram, Lightroom, Photobucket, Picasa and more
  • Automatic transitions and effects are added to your video making it quick and easy to make stunning slideshows without any editing know-how
  • Upgrades available


7 Activities

  1. Melanie Kroening - Mesa Community College says:

    Animoto is a simple iPad/iPhone application AND web based tool that can be used for students to create a short animated slideshow. Students/instructors can upload 12 pictures, add text, add background musics and create a 30 second slideshow. On the iPad/iPhone or on the web, the video is saved onto the Animoto website after the user creates a username and password. Then the link can be e-mailed to be shared. Students could take pictures around campus, upload photos illustrating a topic in class, could upload photos of themselves, etc. and then share the result. The only negative is that it could ideally be a bit longer like other tools out there (Magisto)

    Samples: http://animoto.com/play/1Z8LrZ4WRVSBq1DxigKl8g, http://animoto.com/play/T1c1U00XNhbO2kQ6WtAKhg

    – Melanie

  2. Beth Alsen - Mesa Community College says:

    Animoto is one of my first digital tools that I adopted years ago. You can either upload your personal photos or use open source images. Once you upload them, it is a matter of selecting the music. Be careful this can take a bit longer than expected…searching for the perfect song to reflect your theme. After you complete these steps, you are ready to go. Again, this is a tool that I have used as a community builder for students to show their interests. However, I have also used it to access their prior knowledge by showing a few images and music from a certain time period. Then, they would have to predict what we were going to be discussing. For many students, this is a visual and auditory connection to content that they have not experienced.

    Sample: http://animoto.com/play/bfbvC21glElCTQJhjq60Lw

    Unfortunately, the free version adds logo that makes it very difficult to view. So, due to this…not a souvenir keeper!

  3. Helice Agria says:

    I have been using Animoto for years to create fun slide shows for introductions, reflections and storytelling. I used to spend hours creating slide shows with iMovie that looked ok. Animoto makes your slide shows look professional in a snap. For introduction activities I recommend giving students the option to select representative images so that they are comfortable sharing things about themselves with the class. The only drawback is the limitation of 30 seconds. It is never enough.

    Sample – http://animoto.com/play/qzSP0bAyeUdxwfzD73vcBA

  4. Megan Garvy - Mesa Community College says:

    I use Animoto for school and personal social media. As an instructor, I encourage students to use Animoto to create an introduction video to the class that is posted to our first discussion. I created one that I update with new photos each semester. For personal use, I create Christmas videos to share with my family and friends around the holidays. I highly recommend this digital tool. It is so fun and easy to snag photos from facebook and songs from your iTunes account to create a simple, sweet video scrapbook.

  5. Patrick Castro - Mesa Community College says:

    Animoto is great way to introduce yourself to new people. You can upload 12 pictures, add text and a background. It’s a 30 second video which is plenty of me time. I had to use this in my EDU 101AA, EDU 291, and EDU 220 classes to introduce myself to the class. It’s great way for your students introduce themselves to the class. Some students are very shy and nervous about introducing themselves, so let them use a video to do it instead of them.

  6. Katie Brandon - Mesa Community College says:

    I choose Animato because this is an app I have used. It made a online class fun because we got to interact with all the students even though we didn’t see and meet them in person. We had to make a clip about ourselves and introduce ourselves to other in the class and then comment on others clips. It made it just like if we were meeting them in person.

  7. Natalia Guerrero - Mesa Community College says:

    Animoto is a great app because it make it easy to introduce to your class mattes and coworkers because it really easy to use even a 5 years old student can use it and it make interesting for them to show your their friends a video of your family how cool is that for a kid and it made it easy for them to introduce if they don’t feel comfortable talking in public like my self a quite person and I know this could have made easy for me I haven’t had the opportunity to use in any of my colleges classes or with my students but I know it would be a great app I know I will use it soon in my class.

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