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iTunes LinkGrafio – Diagrams & Ideas

Grafio – Diagrams & Ideas


Unleash your creativity with the easiest diagraming tool for iPhone and iPad. Don’t believe us! Just search our lite version and try it for free.

Create business models, flow charts, concept models, infographics, organizational charts, wireframes, network diagrams, business process diagrams, venn diagrams, mind maps, mockups, text-and-audio notes, sketches and other illustrations, image annotations, etc. Everything is custom and modifiable.

Grafio’s shape recognition algorithm boosts your visual skills by identifying basic shapes and redrawing them. You bring your idea to life, as your apple device becomes a super tool: combining digital napkin, smart whiteboard, and a sophisticated business modeling tool. Results are convincing, inspiring and professional. You put more life to your presentation by recording audio notes to each shape and connection.
When finished you easily tweet, post on your facebook wall or share it with the others in the project team.

✭ Video tutorials on Grafio ✭ you can see on YouTube:

We believe in constant innovation – personal and global. We know it all starts from our mind. Grafio empowers all of us visual thinkers, trainers and creative players. We enhance and inspire leaders, teachers and students, engineers, designers, project managers, sales representatives, etc. All professions, all ages, all countries.

✰✰✰ 350 000+ downloads worldwide. ✰✰✰

• Draw schemes of figures, curves and lines in a vector format.
• Enjoy shape recognition (recognizes hand drawn basic shapes – rectangles, ellipses, triangles, squares, diamonds, etc.)
• Use the ready stencils in our library of shapes.
• Build diagrams and graphs through connections. (a line between two object centers is recognized as a connection).
• Label shapes and connections. (double tap to add text anywhere)
• Canvas Autosize, Landscape and Portrait support.
• Select, move, rotate and scale everything (even sketches)
• Change shape size, colors, opacity and other properties.
• 50+ Fonts Hand picked for awesomeness, font size, font colors and font alignment.
• 10 Different connection types with adjustable radius
• Bring To Front / Send To back / Lock Shapes
• Copy and Paste across the application
• Undo & Redo
• Zoom and Pan your working note.
• Send your note/scheme via e-mail.
• Keep an organizer desktop with your notes.
• VGA Output for presentations.
• Export to PDF, JPG, PNG and IDDZ.
• AirPrint Support.
• DropBox and BoxNet Support.

• In our next update due to be released very soon we are preparing Groups and Handles for non uniform scaling!



•Take Notes
•Record Audio Notes to objects
•Vector Sketches
•Organizational Charts
•Venn Diagrams
•Basic Charts and Graphs
•Mind Mapping (Brainstorming Diagram)
•Block Diagram
•USE CASE Diagrams
•Web Site Maps
•Wireframe Diagrams
•And many more

We appreciate every feedback we receive. Your constant interest and improvement ideas keep the updates coming.
Grafio is one of this projects that get better with each update, join us now.

Check out http://www.tentouchapps.com/Grafio for more info…


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2 Activities

  1. Karen Guerrero says:

    This is my favorite graphic organizer tool for analyzing information. This tool allows you to draw a shape but cleans it up into a professional-looking graphic organizer. I use it to have students build background knowledge on a concept by building knowledge using various primary and secondary sources of information.

  2. Rick says:

    Looks like a nice app! My favorite is from Lucidchart. Plus it’s free for students!

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