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We’re helping the way schools, universities and businesses teach and learn, with a mobile and tablet friendly game-based pedagogy.

Kahoot! empowers educators and captivates learners. Through the creation of a trusted learning space, educational content is delivered by asking meaningful questions in real-time, creating a social, fun and game-like environment.

Kahoot! flips the classroom with a pedagogy based on encouraging a loop from ‘learner to leader’ within the learning space, which maximizes the precious learning time spent in the classroom and empowers learners to lead.

How is it different to existing classroom response systems?

  1. Learner-centric, using any device:
    Not just a clicker, Kahoot! allows learners to both respond AND create with any device that has a web browser and works over wifi or 3G/4G, creating a variety of trusted learning spaces.
  2. Game-based pedagogy & academic research
    Gaming mechanics provide additional engagement, motivation and rewards through learners’ participation, with a game-based pedagogy which is proven by academic research.
  3. Social in both senses
    The blended learning approach means that as well as the social experience created through asking/answering questions in a physical setting, Kahoot! is a platform for sharing, browsing, bookmarking or playing content created by educators and learners globally.
  4. Understand, assess and adapt with data
    Formative assessment and adaptive teaching happens through our data providing educators with a ‘snapshot’ of each learner’s current understanding AND longer term tracking of progress.


  • Students holding a tablet device to show their responses.

2 Activities

  1. Amberlee Lifgren - Mesa Community College says:

    Kahoot is a great way to review that also allows students to use technology! From their own device they imput their answers and you can immediately see on your device what they all answered how they did! But, that’s not all…they can also see how they ranked or if they answered right or wrong. It is very fun and interactive! Definitely a good app for review or in the end of a unit!

  2. Francis Solorzano - Mesa Community College says:

    This app is such a fun a great tool for students and teachers to use. I really enjoyed this app we tried it in class and it was so cool to see how the teacher can ask questions and then check the students answers using a mobile device. the best part is that the teacher can see how the students did answering questions with out putting any student on the spot.

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