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iTunes LinkMiniatures Pro: Tilt-Shift Time-Lapse Videos

Miniatures Pro: Tilt-Shift Time-Lapse Videos


Miniatures Pro allows you to easily create time lapse photography in the palm of your hand. This app is one-of-its-kind in the iTunes, providing users with powerful solutions all in a simple and intuitive interface.

* Do you want to make things seem as if time appeared to be moving faster?

* Have you ever wanted to effortlessly create time lapse photography?

* Are most video production apps too complicated?

If you answered YES to those questions then Miniatures Pro is perfect for you!

Miniatures Pro is an phenomenal app that simplifies powerful time lapse technology into a easy-to-use intuitive interface. Miniatures Pro is so easy it requires absolutely no prior knowledge of cinematography. Featuring seamless one-touch functions, it allows users to instantly create animation masterpieces without waiting for slow post processing to take place. With Miniatures Pro, a team of experts created a variety of settings that were carefully designed to accurately miniaturize everything! Transform your perception forever and experience the world like you have never seen it.


– Control shooting interval in wide range.
– Supports 640×480, 1280×720 and 1920×1080 formats
– Apply Tilt & Shift blur effect and change the impression of motion.
– Increase color saturation to pronounce normally subtle effect.
– Noise removal filter for night scenes.
– Vignette filter for vintage look.
– “Shutter Drag” effect, it blurs moving objects (depends on interval).
– Accurately and consistently manipulate time with a variety of shutter click settings.
– Easily create videos directly on your device and view your results instantly.
– Lighting fast and requires absolutely no post processing.
– Unlimited clip length.


– To avoid interruptions disable phone calls (Airplane mode).
– Use tripod or substitute to ensure your phone will not move during recording.
– Connect charger for long sessions.
– Reboot (switch power off/on) your device if the app crashes in 1080p mode.
– Do not quit the app while recording or your progress may be lost.
– If you are using iOS6 it is possible you accidentally disabled access to the photo library for Miniatures App. Please check in iOS Settings->Privacy->Photos.

Try Miniatures (Free Lite version) of Miniatures Pro to help you get started on creating the next big masterpiece.

Sample video:


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  • Miniatures Pro: Tilt-Shift Time-Lapse Videos Screenshot 1
  • Miniatures Pro: Tilt-Shift Time-Lapse Videos Screenshot 2
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