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You can do more, a lot more. Be creative.

Padlet gives you a blank page (a wall). You put anything you want on it, anywhere. Simple, yet powerful!

Build a Wall

  • Make noticeboards
  • Teach
  • Bookmark favorite sites
  • Discuss with moderation
  • Brainstorm
  • Plan events
  • Keep notes
  • Make lists
  • Watch and share videos
  • Collect feedback
  • Works with Mobile devices and tablets
  • Email notifications


3 Activities

  1. Melanie Kroening - Mesa Community College says:

    I love this tool as a collaborative alternative to a traditional discussion, it allows students to quickly share ideas. They can post text, a link, and an image on each post. It’s great to grab a quick snapshot of their knowledge before a topic is introduced or to have them post a few ideas and then reflect briefly on the responses of other students. No username/password is required of users that just want to post to a wall. Only the author of a wall needs an account. This tool also could be used for quick content creation, students can post their knowledge on a topic and then submit the resulting poster/wall.


  2. Beth Alsen - Mesa Community College says:

    Padlet is a great App! Students can demonstrate what they are learning by creating cork boards with their ideas. They can attach a photo, a video and post why they chose it. This is meaning making. I actually used this to brainstorm ideas of how to Create a Community in both my online and face-to-face class. Each student needed to post a community builder to get to know the students and support developing a positive learning environment. I chose this over Corkulous because this one is web-based and integrated right within our LMS! My caution if you embed it is to use the stream view instead of the free form view. It is easier for students to view in an LMS and participate. However, if they are creating their own wall to demonstrate what they have learned then, let them choose! I also, like that you can export it to quickly assess who has participated when used as a class assignment. Here are a few samples:

    1. Ideas for Creating Community:
    2. Create a Scavenger Hunt:
    3. Interaction: Creating Gum Drop Buildings:

    So, what are you waiting for? Get this souvenir and post your snapshots!

  3. Roxanne Klassen - Mesa Community College says:

    I used padlet a little differently in my teacher education course. My students often create activities, games, etc and we share them in class but then we forget what was shared. The beauty of padlet is that it is very quick. I had all of the students display their games in class and I took a picture of each project with my ipad uploaded them to a padlet and embedded it in canvas. That way the students could remember the different games that were presented. The other nice thing about padlet is that it is available outside of canvas. Students can copy the URL and take the padlet with them after the course ends. I love the ease of use and know that there’s are many more possiblilties for padlet in the classroom.

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