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Splashtop Whiteboard


***** Turn your iPad into a mobile interactive whiteboard! ******
Brought to you by the developers of the award winning Splashtop Remote Desktop – the #1 iPad app!

Buy Splashtop Whiteboard through Apple VPP and get the same number of styluses absolutely free! For more information please visit http://www.splashtop.com/whiteboard/stylus

Splashtop Whiteboard allows teachers and students to turn their iPad into an interactive white board. Once connected to their computer over Wifi, they can watch Flash media with fully synchronized video and audio, control PC and Mac applications then annotate lesson content all from an iPad. Now interact with students at their desk or teach from all four corners of the class!

Splashtop Whiteboard offers users of existing interactive white boards (IWBs) – such as Mimeo, Mobi, Promethean, Polyvision, or Smart Technologies – a way to extend their investment by accessing their tools from anywhere in the class without using wireless slates. For users who do not use an IWB, now they can build one at a fraction of the cost!


BE IN CONTROL – Have complete control over the applications such as Keynote or Powerpoint on the classroom PC as if you were sitting right there. Use the spotlight and screen shade tools to keep students focused – No need to stay at the front of the class. Be free to roam around – hand the iPad to a student and let their imagination do the rest!
ANNOTATE ANYTHING – Use gestures to draw, highlight, or write over any content. Take snapshots of the screen and save them to the gallery then print or email the snapshots to students, parents or colleagues. Use different colored and sized pens, stamps, highlighter, shapes, lines, and text tools over existing content or Flipchart backgrounds. Everything you do is displayed on the projector connected to your PC or Mac!
ENGAGE THE CLASSROOM – All video and audio are played in high definition on your iPad. Play Adobe Flash content, iTunes music etc. as they were meant to be enjoyed but without any painful sync sessions

***** Read how our users love using Splashtop Whiteboard! *****

“Splashtop Whiteboard was an exciting find and we couldn’t imagine a class without it. Splashtop has created a tool that is changing in how educators can teach and display and/or monitor work.” – Jennifer Baker and Peter Moran, Frenchtown Elementary School.

“The Essa Academy in the UK are known for innovation and technology. Splashtop has helped us redesign our 20 million pound building – redefining how learning happens at the academy. Using Splashtop Whiteboard, teachers are now free to wander around the class to help students but still have full control of the front of the room as well as annotate lesson content through their iPads”, Abdul Chohan, Director, Educational Innovations.

“This app allows me to not only control my computer remotely but I am able to see my entire desktop on my iPad and then mark up over ANY text or video!”, Harendra Goonetilleke, Instructional Technology Coach

“We discussed how teachers can use the iPad in the classroom effectively and everyone agreed that using their iPad with Splashtop Whiteboard as a slate in the classroom during their instruction is a great way they can use it every day!”, Anna Adam, FableVision Ambassador and Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE).




» Download the free Splashtop Streamer for your computer from splashtop.com/streamer
» Streamer supports Windows 7, Vista, and XP, as well as Mac OS X 10.6 and 10.7 (Snow Leopard and Lion)
» A computer with a dual-core CPU strongly recommended for best performance
» Works with ALL iPads


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  1. Derek Borman says:

    Great idea. I was hoping to use this as a way to access (remotely) my office computer and stream that computer’s content through Apple TV to the screen for all students to see. Wanted this capability because I often have software on my computer that is not or cannot be installed on classroom computers. Very unreliable for this activity. Splashtop HD also very unreliable. Seems that the only reliable way of pulling this off was using a direct IP address instead of Splashtop’s native protocols for connecting iPad with remote desktop. Hope this makes sense.

    Should add that when it did work, it was very cool.

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