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Brainstorming Made Simple

Quickly and easily diagram ideas online; making connections between your thoughts and brainstorming. Share and build with other users.


  • Create and edit customizable diagrams/mind-maps
  • Create folders to organize diagrams/mind-maps
  • Embed diagrams/maps into other web pages
  • Share diagrams/maps with other bubbl.us users for editing or as read only.
  • Print diagrams/maps
  • Export diagrams as HTML documents


2 Activities

  1. Melanie Kroening - Mesa Community College says:

    Bubbl.us I do use frequently with my students simply because for quick mind maps it’s easy to get started and finished. There is no requirement that students create a username/password. Students can easily pop into bubbl.us, create a mind map, download and submit it, without creating an account. So though the features and graphics are simple, the no-account requirement helps me minimize the steps for students. Easy to use, only downside is it’s less graphical than other mind mapping options out there.

    Samples: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2500/3922793785_e6eb82d0fb.jpg, http://www.web2teachingtools.com/images/bubblus_example1.jpg, http://mashton2.files.wordpress.com/2007/10/bubblus.jpg

  2. Michael Cremin - Mesa Community College says:

    This application is a great tool for the classroom. You can create word maps, outline a process, and organize thoughts. I can see myself using this App in the future to organize and enhance presentations by creating flow charts and picture maps. It’s great for outside the classroom also as you can create tournament brackets for sports and games. With the ability to load your own pictures and designs the possibilities are endless. Its extremely easy to use and is very forgiving if you make a mistake. I also like that you can just go to the website and create a project and print it instantly. However, if you want to save your work you have to create an account and log in (but that is pretty much standard now from what I have seen). And its free!!!

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