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Buncee is an easy-to-use tool for all your school’s creation needs. Buncee makes it super easy for you and your students to create any content for all classroom purposes – whether you’re in need of an interactive digital story, an engaging lesson, or a creative multimedia based project. With Buncee’s fun and educational media tools and graphics, you can open up your world and introduce your students to creativity on-the-go! Here’s what you can do on the app:
– Create an account, make Buncees, edit, and view from anywhere
– Seamlessly sync and edit your creations between the app and your web account

Sharing & Creation Features:
Share Buncees via text message, email, print, embed code, and social media
Access Buncee’s animations, stickers, emojis, and backgrounds
Add audio recording to images, stickers, animations, and more!
Use your voice to enter text
Add photos from your camera library
Record your own videos directly within the app or upload from your phone

Make Learning Fun
On a field trip? Have your students take photos and create a project as they go! Waiting at the airport with kids? Pick and choose stickers to create a Buncee digital story.

Buncee puts students in the driver’s seat by engaging them in self-directed learning. They can have fun building multimedia projects, digital stories, and presentations to visualize and showcase their knowledge and express their creativity.

Educators can develop and share media-rich lessons that accommodate flipped classrooms and individualized instruction. The Buncee digital canvas provides an interactive interface that’s intuitive for any level.

With this creation tool, you can design and deliver interactive presentations, invitations, holiday greetings, graphics, custom ecards, and more. Wherever your imagination takes you, Buncee will go!

Awards & Testimonials
“I’ve seen powerful tools. I’ve seen easy-to-use tools. Buncee is both a powerful and easy-to-use tool.”
—Dr. Jason Ohler, Professor Emeritus, University of Alaska

2019 Top Pick for Learning – Common Sense Education
2018 Cool Tool Winner – The EdTech Awards
2018 Best Educational App (Shortlisted) – Reimagine Education
2017 Top Pick for Learning – Common Sense Education
2017 AASL Best Site for Teaching and Learning
2016 Cool Tool Award Winner, EdTech Digest

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COPPA Compliant
Signatory of the Student Privacy Pledge

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2 Activities

  1. Beth Alsen - Mesa Community College says:

    Buncee is a great app! I have used this app to present reading strategies for both my face-to-face students as well as my online. Since my students are pre-service educators, I teach them reading strategies to support their diverse learners’ needs. Instead of having to explain the strategy in class, I posted and had them view it. Yep…I flipped it! The students were able to watch the strategy, pause it and review it. It worked out great! If you like Glogster…well, you will LOVE Buncee! It is intuitive and easy to use! Take advantage of this souvenir and pass it along!

    Sample: Split Note-taking


  2. Maisy Alsen - Tempe Academy of International Studies says:

    I LOVE THIS APP! I used Buncee to create an interactive timeline. It is a great tool to create information. However, you have to have an account. They only give three slides. But, another bonus is that you can embed it as a page like I did for my Humanities Summative Project. Every time you type on the slide it makes an audio. And, you can add animated graphics! 😀

    My Buncee Timeline: http://sustainabilitywaterscarcity.weebly.com/the-dusty-dry-days.html

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