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Don’t Eat That


Do Not Eat That! is your app to resist temptations and control your weight. It will give you the needed motivation to stop eating foods that have too many kcals, and to keep on being in a diet.


* It helps you to acquire healthy habits, giving you the needed motivation to stop eating foods that add too many calories to your daily meals.
* It allows the creation of personal challenges and informs you about the number of calories that you have to stop eating to reach your target.
* It lets you control the foods you were tempted to eat but resisted to, showing the saved kcals and their healthiness in terms of the amount of fats, sugars and sodium that they contain.
* It shows you the number of calories that you burn when doing your preferred sport activity.
* It shows you graphs with the evolution of your weight and with the number of calories you avoid eating every day.


1) Create your weight reduction objective, filling in your profile data and setting your goals: your target weight loss and the number of weeks to reach it. The app will calculate the total number of calories you must stop eating every day to achieve your desired weight.

2) Track what you stop eating but would have eaten before you started your challenge. This refers to your daily temptations, sweets, desserts, snacks, or the things you cannot stop eating between meals.

3) Track your activities by choosing an activity, strength level and duration. The burned calories for each activity count as the calories that you don’t eat.

4) Track your weight once or twice a week, to control your progress. The graph view will help you to see your achievements.

5) Use the home view to follow your progress. The inner green circle decreases as the challenge time moves forward. The outer brown circle increases as you lose weight. The time line shows the calories you stop eating everyday, and provides extra motivation through icon awards.


This app is fully functional until you finish your first weight reduction objective. The upgrade to Do Not Eat That! Pro enables the creation and management of new objectives.


A diet will be successful if it becomes a habit, a healthy lifestyle. The key factor is losing weight gradually, so that you can keep your ideal weight forever.

Do Not Eat That! is an app conceived to provide motivation in developing a healthy lifestyle, and encourage the changes that lead to it. This is not about counting the calories in the food that you ingest, but about helping to stop eating unhealthy food and to start doing activities (walking, going upstairs) that burn calories.


To reach this basic target, Do Not Eat That! lets you record the usual foods that are not healthy, when you resist the temptation of eating them. Doing it promotes the final removal of them from your diet, as the app shows you the impact of your bad habits (in the way of not eaten calories).

Besides, you can start tracking activities that help you to burn calories and that can easily be introduced in your lifestyle. Each activity counts in the total sum of calories that you are saving every day as you move to healthy habits, thus supporting in the path to reach your target.

To avoid this change to become a shock, Do Not Eat That! allows the creation of challenges with realistic weight loss targets, instead of big jumps. The challenges are small steps that you can do towards the adoption of a healthy diet, that eventually may end up in the final target of a real and lasting drop of weight.


Do Not Eat That! can update the body mass samples introduced by the user, and the calculated body mass index, into the HealthKit store. You can configure this function in the Settings view. Do Not Eat That! does not read, nor use any information from your HealthKit store.


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