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Fun Time Timer


FunTime was born in a couple of tweets.
Laura (@p0nja), Juancho’s mom, tweeted “I have an idea for an app to helps childs with GDD and autism handle time” (or something like that) and then another tweet by our team (@codigodelsur) “Ok, we like the idea, count on us” (or something like that), so in 5 minutes we had a project.
This first version of FunTime is the result of the first passionate 3 weeks of work, as dreamers we are, we hope it really helps thousand of kids all over the world to manage time in a better way, but just by helping one will be good enough for us to let us go to bed happy.


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2 Activities

  1. Beth Alsen - Mesa Community College says:

    Ready roadsters? Rev your engines…get set…ready and GO! This is such a great timer for younger learners! It is visually appealing as the snail races across the ground as the timer runs down! And, for those autistic learners…the bell sounds and the time is up. This timer also has other animals to choose from…however, there is not a large bank so do not be discouraged. This timer is free…so download it and try it out!

  2. Sierra Bessey - Mesa Community College says:

    I do not currently work with young children however, I chose this app because I was hanging out with my 4 nephews this weekend ranging in age from 3 to 9 and had a very tedious schedule to attend to. This app really helped me in the morning when it was time to clean up their room, get dressed and brush our teeth so we could get going for the day.
    The kids took it as a challenge and would try to beat the timer without complaining or getting distracted! It was almost like a game. In fact, after we were all ready to go, they would ask me to time how fast they went to the bathroom or how fast they could time their shoes. It definitely helped speed up the morning routine beyond my expectations and assisted with random tasks throughout the day such as how fast we could clean up our lunch mess and get buckled up in the car. It really assisted my high energy nephews in prioritizing what needed to be done. I would recommend this app to anyone looking for a fun way to speed up small tasks and keep their learners on track.

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