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iTunes LinkLabGear – Medical Lab Tests Clinician’s Lab Pocketbook

LabGear – Medical Lab Tests Clinician’s Lab Pocketbook


LabGear is the most advanced pocket tool for Medical Laboratory tests with peer reviewed content for all health care professionals – students, physicians, nurses and is now with iCloud sync.

• Comprehensive library of medical lab tests with differential diagnosis, related symptoms
• Fishbones schematics for Preset testing panels
• Systems: Hematology (Blood Tests), Hormones, Cardiovascular, Pulmonary, Gastrointestinal, Nephrology, Tumor Markers, Pregnancy, Immunology
• Chemistry Panels: Basic Metabolic Panel, Comprehensive Metabolic Panel, Complete blood Picture, Arterial Blood Gases, Liver Panel, Lipid Profile, Coagulation Profile, Diabetic Profile, Urinalysis

• Based On Testing source/specimen
– Urine Sample
– Cerebrospinal Fluid
– Amniotic Fluid
– Other Body fluids

• Based on Lab Type:
– Electrolytes & Metabolites
– Enzymes
– Lipids
– All Proteins
– Red Blood Cells
– White Blood Cells
– Cardiac Markers

– References citations with links to PubMed
– Customisable reference ranges, Notes.
– iCloud support
– Intuitive User Interface:
– Quick Jumps via Tag buttons showing you Lab abbreviation
– Quick Switch between Conventional (US) Units or SI Units.
– Tapping Reference Range in Lab detail reveals both US/SI value
– Bookmark a Lab test for easy quick reference.

– Lab Values editing
– NOTES: Add your own Notes to specific lab tests
– MedCalc Linkage (LabGear is linked with MedCalc app). Jump from Serum Sodium to Sodium Infusion rate calculation in MedCalc app
– RANDOM Lab refreshes for Leisure Learning

-Lab Reports Have
– Brief Laboratory Test Description
– Conditions with High referrence range (if applicable)
– Conditions with Low range (if applicable)
– Reference Range with US / SI Units
– Presentation / Symptoms / Signs
– Wiki Links (For more information) *
– External search webresults *

– Intelligent Universal Search
Search either tags like ‘Glu’, ‘AST’, ‘Ca’, ‘Na’, ‘K+’ are fully searchable and bring up all related lab results.
Scroll while you search.

DISCLAIMER: The information provided in this application is strictly for educational purposes only and is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please use this application only if you accept the disclaimer within the application. Consult with a recognized medical professional before making decisions based on information included in this application

*NOTE: Active Internet Connection is required either in the form of Wifi or cellular data plan (3G/EDGE/Etc.) to access Wiki/External pages.

please send your suggestions to support [ a t ] smartddx [dot] com

stay tuned to twitter.com/MedicalGear


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