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My Spelling Tests


My Spelling Tests lets you input lists of spellings and take tests on them using the look, say, cover, write, check method. You or your child get instant feedback and can keep track of every attempt at the test to track progress.

You can also back up and restore your spelling lists to iCloud to use across several devices. You can install spelling test sets as in-app purchases or just create your own!

My Spelling Tests is a fun and simple way to make progress with spelling tests for school.


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  1. Beth Alsen - Mesa Community College says:


    It’s simple. I used to teach monolingual ELLs and would have found this App to be extremely beneficial. The English language has so many irregular patterns that it makes it challenging to acquire. Just read, “The Craziest Language” to understand all of the inconsistencies. This App is fantastic for any ELL or even struggling student with spelling. It allows for them to create their own list and even, record their own sentences. Then, they can take a practice test as many times as they desire to master the words.

    Student Response:
    I only can speak as a parent. It was difficult to get my own daughter, a 5th grader, interested in taking a practice spelling test. Now, she has her words and sentences created before I even get home from work. And, she self-tests without any prompting. Mind you, when we used to do the same practice test…it took lots of bribing. Now, she takes them until she has repeatedly gotten 100%! Loves the challenge and the game.

    Again, I can only speak as a parent. However, she aces her weekly spelling test. This is not really a surprise considering how motivated she is to use the App.

    I would have given it a 5 if it would allow for more storage with the free version. Currently, we have to delete the weekly tests to enter a new one.

  2. Beth Alsen - Mesa Community College says:

    I recently discovered that you could also use this App to test for vocabulary and definitions. Again, the student or instructor can type the vocabulary word and record the definition. This definitely would move it up ladder of Blooms!

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