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Your First Step to Create Infographics Begins Here

Intuitive UI
Everything still works via a drag and drop but it is so much easier to use. We added in some design tools that you cannot live without , e.g. hex color changes, opacity controls, rotate, grouping, multi-select, duplicate an entire section and an overall greater flexibility to modify an infographic. That means you can get an infographic done in an even shorter time span!

Interactive Charts & Tabs
The Pro version has over 10 ways of visualizing data from the most basic dot, line, bar charts to more complicated types gauge, donut charts etc. When saving in HTML, you will also see a nice hover effect to display the numbers over the chart.

A Bigger and Better Selection of Graphics
You can now access icons and images from our library of graphics. Pro users will access a gigantic library of more than 1,000 graphics. We also added SVGs which makes it easier for you to export higher resolution infographics. Piktochart is all set to help you get print-quality infographics.


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  1. Melanie Kroening - Mesa Community College says:

    Piktochart is a fairly easy to use infographic creation tool. It has a small library of images, about 10 themes/templates to choose from and is easy to work with. The only downside is that many of the really cool templates come at a cost. Only the basic library of templates are free. Infographics can be used by students to create presentations as an alternative to the traditional powerpoint or paper.

    Samples: http://piktochart.com/2012/09/child-mortality/, http://piktochart.com/2012/08/trade-shows/, http://piktochart.com/2012/09/actual-wedding-costs/

  2. Maisy Alsen - Tempe Academy of International Studies says:

    I am a 6th grader. I created a Piktochart for a “how to” demonstration using Infographics. It was easy to use and user friendly. I also used it for my English project to summarize my persuasive essay. We had to use a digital tool and I chose this. The graphic choices are great and the templates make it easy to deaign. Try it out! My class loved my presentation.

  3. Nicki Maines - Mesa Community College says:

    Students use Piktochart to create an infographic for a marketing course. “A great way to share content related to your business is to create Infographics. With the ability to drive massive amounts of traffic and buzz around your brand, infographics are becoming the breakout stars of content strategies in nearly every industry. The rise of content and data accessibility has created a perfect storm for infographics to truly have an impact on consumer relationships and provide real value for their audience and creators alike. As more and more content is created, consumers are feeling more and more overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information. They are experiencing a certain amount of information anxiety, which causes them to be thrifty with their time and attention. With attention so closely guarded, the novelty and clarity of infographics have made the medium an easy way to connect with consumers. Infographics can represent information quickly and clearly, and give the brain a welcome rest from the tidal wave of text-based content produced everyday.”

    Piktochart is a simple tool with little technical instruction needed. There are a large number of icons and graphics. Additionally, the app makes it SUPER easy to create visual charts, with different icons like people, stars, etc. You can start with a blank template or one that they provide.

    Students found it easy to use and a great way to visually present data they had researched.

    7 Super Tips for Creating Powerful Infographics:


  4. Beth Alsen - Mesa Community College says:

    Piktochart makes you look like a graphic designer! It is easy to use with its’ drag and drop features. The free version provides many creative templates….however, if you need more the pro account is very reasonable! I have used this app to web infographics for my course and websites and have even expanded to printing them in the form of posters, post cards, etc. This is a must try!

    1. R21 Lesson Design & Delivery Poster: https://magic.piktochart.com/output/1342760-r21-poster-sp14-conflict-copy
    2. Higher Learning Commission Poster – Criterion 1: https://magic.piktochart.com/output/499450-general-theme

    Instead of using PowerPoint, my class used Piktochart to present the ELL Court Cases. Each student summarized a case and presented it to the class. The inforgraphic gave the students a visual presentation that showed the sequence of the case from beginning to end. Afterwards, the students exclaimed how the images and logical sequence helped them present with confidence and relevant content! “By using Piktochart, I was able to remember my presentation and talk like an expert!” Another student who was a digital immigrant even stated, “I love this tool! I even asked my English instructor is we could use it in their class!”

    3. Classroom Example: Court Case: Plessy v. Ferguson: https://magic.piktochart.com/output/8164958-court-case-ex

    Visually capture your learning experiences…a must have souvenir!

  5. Jerry Connor - Mesa Community College says:

    Piktochart is super easy to use and is a nice breath of fresh air from your normal powerpoint presentation. There are plenty of free templates to choose from as well as some additional ones that can be used for a small fee. I was able to do just fine with my free template for my presentation on Meyers vs Nebraska. It was customizable so users are able to fit it to the needs of the classroom. It’s also a great tool to use for when students need to copy information down, as you can add images next to the information so that students can bridge the connection between the words and images they see.

  6. Michael Cremin - Mesa Community College says:

    This application is so easy to use. I am not one of those students comfortable with technology and I was very apprehensive at first. But as soon as I started playing around with it and got familiar with it, I was really pleased with just how user friendly it is. Its great for collecting information and highlighting the most Important concept. I can create very diverse and professional looking posters with minimal prior tech knowledge. It gives students the ability to broaden their horizons and make elaborate presentations. A must for anyone that wants something more than a PowerPoint.

  7. Kristen Babicke - Mesa Community College says:

    I used Piktochart for a presentation in my college course. I was able to easily implement my material into a concise visual image that was pleasing to the eye. The templates will ease your concern for effective aesthetics, as they are designed to be appealing and practical. The students and my instructor were able to easily comprehend my presentation. The app made designing a productive visual tool so simple that my time could be spent on gathering useful content, instead of struggling with the technology. This made an impact on what I was able to teach the class and ultimately influenced their learning.

  8. Caitlin Tervo - Mesa Community College says:

    I’ve used Piktochart several times not to present information. I love this app! It’s easy to use and helps present information in a clear and fun way. It allows students to follow along with easily and enjoy the presentation. This app can be used as a single user but also as a group…when the password is shared. And, a bonus…there was never any trouble with technology when using Piktochart!

  9. Cody Smith - Mesa Community College says:

    Piktochart helped me put together a presentation for an education class. I’m horrible with technology and crafts, but with this very simple tool…I was able to look amazing by putting together an awesome visual presentation. I highly recommend it and it’s an App for all levels of education.

  10. Maisy Alsen - Mesa Community College says:

    I am an eighth grader. I used this program for my classes many times, it is so easy and I can create great products. Here are some of my products:

  11. Amanda Schweitzer - Mesa Community College says:

    Piktochart has given me a different option to present my information for class projects instead of just using the typical powerpoint. When using Piktochart I felt like I had a lot more freedom to create whatever I had in my mind and the website had all the tools I needed to create what was in my head. First I just went on the website to create a random Piktochart but ended up starting to work on a presentation for one of my classes. It’s easy to use and the website gives new users a tour on how to use everything and also has options for a monthly subscription so you can have more access to more layouts and tools. Very cool website and very fun to use, I love all the bright colors and photos they have available for you to use in your Piktochart.

  12. Mackenzie Baker - Mesa Community College says:

    We used Piktochart in my class when we were practicing how we would present trial cases to other students. It was an easy app to set up with already created layouts. I did not have to waste time trying to create a theme, it was already created for me. It was also easy to show my classmates how it can click through slides rather than scrolling down, I noticed it also could be cool to use to create my own classroom posters to print out and then enlarge.

  13. Maria Barajas - Mesa Community College says:

    I used PiktoChart to present a court case in my ELL course. I summarized and presented my case to the class along with my partner and their Piktochart poster.

    The PiktoChart was very effective. It was a great visual presentation of the court information. That was a bonus for all visual learners. My classmates presentations were also very eye catching and easy to follow. If I missed their verbal information, I was able to quickly and easily look at their presentation poster and find what I missed.

    The App impacted my learning because it was so much more fun than a normal power point presentation. I especially liked that I was able to express my creative side adding beautiful images and fonts. I was more engaged in the assignment overall because of this app.

  14. Jenna van Arkel - Mesa Community College says:

    I used this app in two of my college classes. In one i had to present a court case, I uploaded a pictures to it and added description of the court case its self. In the other class I used it as a poster. I had to make a presentation about geography. I added 18+ pictures to it, which made it hard to organize it, however it was still really clear to see. The class presentation went great!
    The tool was really effective, it was really easy to use, and when help was needed, it was a simple email and was answered quickly. I really enjoyed using this app, and I will be using it more often.
    The app was easy to understand, and was a great tool to use for class presentations. I loved how you could upload all sorts of images and videos, or links if needed. Adding graphics wasn’t an issue, and it was fun to use.

  15. Autumn Bearman - Mesa Community College says:

    I love piktochart! It’s great because it makes something that looks great with little effort. It is easy to work with and provides ready to go templates for you. We used it for an assignment in class and it made my life easy because I enjoyed making my own, as well as it made everybody else’s easy to navigate and read. It is so much better than making an actual poster because it is easier, it looks better, and you do not have to worry about your peers not being able to read your hand writing!

  16. Alison Howell - Mesa Community College says:

    Initially I used this this app because it was required for an assignment, but I loved it so much that I used it on later assignments and shared it with my mentor teacher at my observations,


    The site is pretty easy to use when you are utilizing their pre-made templates. Building from scratch can take some time.
    I was able to add pictures, video and interactive maps to appeal to all types of learners.

    The app helped me streamline a very long presentation and be able to simultaneously make a poster and power point presentation. The time I saved by having both formats in one was amazing.

  17. Megan Garvy - Mesa Community College says:

    Piktochart has been a great app for instructions and for marketing. The app is intuitive and the design qualities are clean and professional. I have created Piktocharts in various sizes to distribute as postcards and to use as posters. The final product can also be embedded onto a webpage, in a blog or shared as a link. Posted below are a few examples:

    • Tools to teach the history of higher ed finance: https://magic.piktochart.com/output/7813505-cche559-johnparsonsch1-2
    • Program marketing: https://magic.piktochart.com/output/5514120-tl3c-sum15-institute
    • Postcard: https://magic.piktochart.com/output/10791806-mcc-ctl-spr16trainings

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