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Collect Ideas and Vote; More fun with Creative Surveys

Faster and easier decision making. That´s what we needed. And here it is: tricider, easy brainstorming and voting just for you. We want to improve collaboration. All across the globe brainstorming and decision making shall be quick and convenient. Do you agree? It´s your turn. Become part of the tricider community and spread the good news! So ask a question and invite friends or colleagues. Collect ideas an vote for your favorite.


  •  Collect ideas; Unlike common surveys, everyone can add ideas to a tricider question.
  • Discuss; There is good and bad in every idea. All particpants can add arguments to ideas and discuss them.
  • Voting; Particpants finally vote for ideas and you agree on the best solution in no time.
  • Fine-tuning; Forbid adding new ideas, restrict number of votes, etc.: Advanced users can tailor the questions to their needs.
  • Invite participants; You decide who can see your question. Only invited participants can take part. No one has to register.
  • Status updates; Let tricider keep you posted via e-mail if something exciting happens to your questions.
  • Spam protection; There is an extra spam protection for public questions. When activated, only authentified users can participate.
  • Multimedia; Your not limited to words to describe your ideas. Use pictures and links to express yourself.
  • Deadlines; Set a clear deadline and ensure that your discussion comes to a good end.
  • Pool of participants; If you have a general question, you can address the whole world! Publish your question in the Public IdeasSpace and let users from all over the world brainstorm with you!
  • Admin Rights; If you create a question, you can edit and moderate it.
  • Post to Facebook, Twitter, etc…; With one click, you can post your question to Twitter, Facebook, etc. Your participants will do the same and the question goes viral.
  • Embed; in Blogs; Every question can be embedded in a blog or website as a widget. It´s as easy as embedding a youtube video.
  • Contests; Turn your question into an idea contest. Hand out your own products or use our Amazon voucher service. Awards are viral fuel for your question!
  • Optimized for smartphones; Your question renders beautifully on smartphones.

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