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Voice Search


Voice Search:

Do you have bulks of apps in your phone and facing problem to search them? At that point here is the speediest method to look inside your most loved applications, sites, and contacts on your phone. Simply say what you need to discover and find a most applicable solution on your phone. Voice Search application enables you to search for anything on YouTube, Apple Map-kit, Amazon, Weather, News, Wikipedia, and significantly more. You need to simply open voice search applications and speak for your most loved recordings on the YouTube. Voice search application provides you, quick voice search, quick voice amazon search, quick voice YouTube search, quick Google search, quick search places, quick search weather , quick search amazon store, quick search Wikipedia , and quick search news as well.


*Voice YouTube*:

Open the site and speak the name of your most loved video to watch. No need to type anything on search bar, just speak and it will show you results accordingly.

*Voice Map*:

Just speak the name of the place all over the world, it will show you your desire place in map.

*Voice Search*:

Seeking for anything on Google search it by your voice and it will show you.

*Wikipedia Voice*:

Seek anything on the Wikipedia no need to type on bar. Simply say it what you are searching for and get the results on your phone.

*Voice News*:

Get latest new without typing just speak on the voice new and it will show you the new you want as well as world news

*Voice Amazon*:

Simply speak Amazon on your phone and this voice search open amazon for you

*Voice Weather*:

Just open voice search app and speak city name then you will have all weather data on the screen.

*Voice Face Time*:

By speaking just name or number which you wish to make a call and it will make call for you.

*Voice Phone*:

By speaking just name or number which you wish to make a call and it will make a call for you.

*Voice SMS*:

No need to go in contact list to send your messages just speaks the name of the person and the message will be send to that person.

Instagram Search:
Search users on the instagram by speaking. Speak the name of the person and the app will take you to the person profile on the instagram.

WhatsApp Text:
Speak the text you want to send to your contacts.
After speaking app will take you to the WhatsApp contact list so you can send msg to multiple contacts.


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