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Buncee Pro lets you quickly and easily create greetings, school projects, collages, artwork and more!

Use your own photos, text and drawings, along with our huge library of backgrounds and stickers to personalize your buncee creation.

Then share your buncee by saving it to your photo stream, posting it to your favorite social networks, or e-mailing it to friends and family.

Start creating and have fun with buncee pro today!



“As someone who spends a lot of time using complicated design programs such as Photoshop, I cannot say enough about the easy interface in Buncee Pro.” -theiphoneappreview.com

“While there are many apps available in the iTunes store that allow you to be productive with your iPad, none we’re reviewed to date have been as fun as Buncee Pro.” – ipadngravy.com

“The best part about the app is that it is very easy to use, unlike those Photoshop gadgets. I was able to get everything done very easily in a jiffy.” – ipad-apps-review-online.com


Key Features:

* Deck up your creation with our library of themed backgrounds

* Personalize your creation with stickers for every occasion

* Easily move, rotate and resize objects via multitouch

* Draw directly onto your buncee canvas

* Take photos within the app or create collages with images from your photo stream

* Easily share your buncee on Facebook and Twitter

* Email buncees directly from the app, or save them to your photo stream, and print your high resolution buncees!


Want more buncee?

Check out our free universal iOS app buncee bits – or visit www.buncee.com or www.edu.buncee.com and sign up for a free subscripton to create robust buncees from any computer.

buncee.com and edu.buncee.com offer robust creation tools like the ability to include YouTube videos, audio recordings, multiple slides and more. You personalized buncee creations can be shared across the web via email or social media, or saved via JPG and PDF to print at home.


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2 Activities

  1. Beth Alsen - Mesa Community College says:

    Buncee is a great app! I have used this app to present reading strategies for both my face-to-face students as well as my online. Since my students are pre-service educators, I teach them reading strategies to support their diverse learners’ needs. Instead of having to explain the strategy in class, I posted and had them view it. Yep…I flipped it! The students were able to watch the strategy, pause it and review it. It worked out great! If you like Glogster…well, you will LOVE Buncee! It is intuitive and easy to use! Take advantage of this souvenir and pass it along!

    Sample: Split Note-taking


  2. Maisy Alsen - Tempe Academy of International Studies says:

    I LOVE THIS APP! I used Buncee to create an interactive timeline. It is a great tool to create information. However, you have to have an account. They only give three slides. But, another bonus is that you can embed it as a page like I did for my Humanities Summative Project. Every time you type on the slide it makes an audio. And, you can add animated graphics! 😀

    My Buncee Timeline: http://sustainabilitywaterscarcity.weebly.com/the-dusty-dry-days.html

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