Bloom's Taxonomy: Remember, Understand, Apply, Analyze, Evaluate, Create

What’s This About?

Explore, rate and share how to integrate Apps into any lesson to increase student engagement and 21st century skills. Use Bloom’s Taxonomy to promote critical thinking skills through learning what others have done with digital Apps.

What’s Blooms

Bloom’s Taxonomy is a multi-tiered categorization of knowledge, comprehension and critical thinking. There are six levels in the taxonomy (categorization), moving through the lowest order thinking skills (LOTS) to the highest order thinking skills (HOTS):


  • remember
  • understand
  • apply

  • analyze
  • evaluate
  • create

Blooms + Apps = Learning

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Large Create Plant


Complete information together in a different way by combining elements in a new pattern or proposing alternative solutions.

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Evaluate Plant


Present and defend opinions by making judgments about information, validity of ideas, or quality of work based on a set of criteria.

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Analyze Plant


Examine and break information into parts by identifying motives or causes. Make inferences and find evidence to support generalizations.

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Small Apply Plant


Solve problems to new situation by applying acquired knowledge, facts, techniques and rules in a different way.

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Understand Seedling


Demonstrate understanding of facts and ideas by organizing, comparing, translating, interpreting, giving descriptions and stating main ideas.

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Remember Seed


Exhibit memory of previously learned materials by recalling facts, terms, basic concepts and answers.

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