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The growing complexity of technology in education may make one feel alone pondering…“What device and which Apps?” Welcome to Crossroads, a dynamic website, where technology intersects with pedagogy. Explore, rate, and share your teaching and learning experiences with technology.

Creating Community map marker

Create Community

Apps for this element focus on attendance, classroom culture, rules, etc.

Lesson Planning map marker

Lesson Planning & Delivery

Apps for this element focus on calendars, grading, participation trackers, lesson plans, seating charts, timers, etc.

Making content meaningful map marker

Making Content Meaningful

Apps for this element focus on brainstorming, note-taking, video tools, vocabulary whiteboards, etc.

Review and assessment map marker

Review & Assessment

Apps for this element focus on flashcards, quizzing, portfolios, surveys, etc.

Curating resources and reflection map marker

Curating Resources & Reflection

Apps for this element focus on generator, dictionary, journaling, password managers, references, saving information, social bookmarking, etc.