Mesa CTL

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FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who can help me with Canvas?

Workshops on various components of Canvas are offered in the CTL. View the calendar for a current list of current workshops. In addition, you may make an appointment with one of the following CTL staff to work individually on Canvas:

Who can help me with creating audio files?

Contact Jeffrey AndersonPatricia Herrera, or Andrew Kasian for help with audio editing.

Who can help me with editing videos?

Contact Jeffrey Anderson or Andrew Kasian for help with video editing.

Who Can Help Me With Curriculum Design and evaluation?

Jennifer Strickland, Jeff Anderson, Megan Garvy, and Stephanie Williams have a background in Instructional and Curriculum Design. Make an appointment with them if you would like help in the curriculum design or evaluation area.

Who can help me with Google Apps, Office, and other productivity tools.

Contact Patricia Herrera for help with productivity tools.