Our Focus

Cactus Bloom
The Mesa Community College Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is focused on providing faculty and staff:

  • a myriad of learning and professional development opportunities
  • services and consultancy on teaching and learning enhancement
  • faculty scholarship and inquiry through dialogues and conversations
  • innovative and experimental program and project development resources and expertise.

The CTL is a dynamic place and force for learning transformation at Mesa Community College so that our college community will be engaged in the intellectual, academic, and professional pursuits, and ultimately to insure student learning effectiveness, retention and success.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

When is the CTL open?

What can the CTL help me learn?

The CTL offers workshops, one-on-one consultations and assistance, and support programs covering a wide range of educational and technology tools and processes such as:

  • Productivity Software
  • Teaching with Online Tools
  • Multimedia
  • Web Page Design
  • Curriculum and Instructional Design

Who has access to the CTL?

All MCC employees, including full-time and adjunct faculty and full-time and part-time staff, are eligible to utilize computers and software in the CTL during open hours. In addition to full computer and resource access to the CTL, additional needs of adjunct faculty are addressed by the New Adjunct Faculty Orientation offered each semester, workshops scheduled at late afternoon times, and by coordination of the Café program.

Is there a charge to me or my department if I …

  • Use CTL Equipment
  • Attend a CTL workshop
  • Consult with CTL staff

All CTL services are provided at NO-COST to the individual employee or his/her department. Mesa Community College offers the CTL as a resource for facilitating the professional growth of all of its employees.