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Canvas is the Maricopa Community College District’s supported Learning Management System. It is the approved platform used throughout the district (with exception to RIO Salado) to deliver Maricopa’s outstanding teaching and learning experiences in the online environment. It also serves as the platform to all of the in-person courses to deliver grades and assignment due dates to students. Canvas is more than a repository for your course content, it is the learning experience of over 65% of Mesa Community Colleges students and for many of those students it is their only MCC learning experience. So whats in your online classroom? 

We think of in-person courses as the tangible learning experience – students show up in a classroom, experience their peers, their classrooms, the technology on campus, and more. However, the online experience is highly tangible as well – in fact, the entire course has a physical existence unlike an in-person class. At MCC, for the most part, the physical existence is designed by you, the faculty member. That design is fundamentally crucial to your students success. Designing an effective learning experience in Canvas is paramount to your ability to teach your students. 

To learn more about designing an effective Canvas learning course consider watching this video.

Some Academic departments at MCC design course templates and the college eLearning Department has been designing course templates for Zero Cost Textbook courses several years; so there may be a course template you could use. If you are interested in seeing if a zdegree course template exists for your course, contact:

To learn more about using Canvas, take our Canvas Essentials online, self-paced course, watch video tutorials, and participate in an online forum visit Canvas Communities.

In the Related Content below, you will find a curated page of student video tutorials to include in your Canvas course.

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