Mission & Vision


Inspire Learning.


The Center for Teaching and Learning partners with faculty and staff to lead and inspire innovative teaching that promotes meaningful learning and student success.


  • Goal/Outcome 1: Student Learning: Design, implement, reflect, and revise learning-centered curriculum and instructional practices. 
  • Goal/Outcome 2: Instructional Methodology & Student Engagement: Improve student engagement and student academic development through communities of practice. 
  • Goal/Outcome 3: Quality Course Design/eLearning: Improve online success rates through quality course design practices and eLearning tools for engaged teaching and learning
  • Goal/Outcome 4: Changing Nature of “Professoriate”: Build an ongoing sense of inquiry through the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) to refine and improve academic excellence and student learning.
  • Goal/Outcome 5: Innovation: Improve professional practice by exploring proven and promising practices that leverage technology to improve student learning
  • Goal/Outcome 6: Cultural & Global Perspective:  Integrate intercultural knowledge and competence into daily practice.


  • We believe in continuous learning, service, innovation, integrity, and collaboration
  • Everyone plays a significant role in achieving student success
  • All visitors are made to feel welcome and leave empowered
  • Stewardship amongst the environment and alignment with the college community we serve
  • The Center for Teaching and Learning is committed to furthering the strategic priorities, initiatives, department plans, goals, and supported systems of the institution. All programs and services seek to support, advocate, and further the institutional goals and priorities; this includes supporting our enterprise systems and the institutional eLearning expectations.