Discipline Retreats at MCC

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Discipline Retreats

The Mesa Community College Center for Teaching and Learning strives to leads and inspire the advancement of innovative teaching and learning for student success by being an adaptive, dynamic, professional partner for life long employee learning. The goal of Discipline Retreats is to foster professional development experiences that are not only crucial to our departments and individual faculty members but that are reliable, engaging, relevant, and provide faculty the  opportunity to immediately use or implement new learning.


Academic departments are invited to meet with experts in the CTL to co-plan and schedule a discipline retreat focusing on department initiatives, applications, or pedagogies to enhance productivity, teaching, and learning. Retreat topics should align to your department plan. Collaboratively written, the Discipline Retreats should have measurable outcomes and measurement of those outcomes. Examples of Discipline Retreats topics: Achievement Gap Data, Course Design for Online, Using Problem Based Learning, Flipping the Learning, etc.


Ideally, one or two faculty in your department collaborate with CTL expert to co-plan and/or co-facilitate professional development specific to departments needs or interests. The faculty audience is determined by the department goals. For example, employee groups (residential and/or adjunct), course prefix, course format (hybrid, online, in-person).


Session duration and frequency is determined by topic and department, so tell us what professional development you want to collaborate on and when and where you want it. The retreat will be designed to meet the needs and schedule of your faculty.


After an initial consultation meeting, the department lead(s) for the retreat draft the rationale, purpose, outcomes, faculty participant deliverables, and the agenda. Funding is based on budget availability, outcomes, time, and number of faculty.

Contact the CTL at 480-46(1-7331) or email us at: ctl@mesacc.edu.