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Faculty Professional Growth @ MCC

District Faculty Professional Growth offers many different programs. All programs and details can be reviewed at the MCLI Faculty Professional Development page.

This web page addresses only the basics and forms of travel and sabbaticals and how they are implemented at Mesa Community College specifically. To see all program details visit the MCLI FGP website.


suitcases-159590_640For assistance in completing the online application form read through the Travel Authorization & Professional Growth Application guide.

For assistance or questions contact MCC’s Faculty Travel Representative: Janet Morgan

Information regarding Maricopa Community College District Travel program for residential faculty can be found on the MCLI Travel website. Necessary forms and information to request for travel authorization and funding:

Travel for research and scholarly purposes and to participate in professional activities is an important way of keeping current in our disciplines. MCC recognizes the value of travel experiences for faculty and has established processes by which faculty can be reimbursed for certain types of travel associated with our professional responsibilities.

Travel Request To Do’s:

  • Complete Travel Authorization Form via FMS
  • Use the Meal Reimbursement Rates to figure your city reimbursement
  • Attach a printed brochure about the event you’re planning to attend. This must contain the workshop/conference/seminar name, dates, location, lodging and registration costs, and a schedule of events/workshops. A call for papers/proposals does not qualify as a brochure.
  • Upon return complete your Expense Report in FMS.

In order to follow district guidelines for out-of-state travel funding, please review and keep in mind the following as you apply for professional growth travel.

  • The Travel Committee funds only full-time residential faculty for out-of-state travel.
  • Requests (ie: all paperwork) must be in the Vice President of Academic Affairs’ Office 30 days prior to travel.
  • Actual travel would be pending administrative approval.
  • Travel requests submitted after the last Travel Committee meeting in May: for travel July 1st or later, will be held for review at the first Travel Committee meeting of the next fiscal year. If the travel is before July 1st, the request will be reviewed by the committee chair, if available.
  • For June travel, all expense claim forms and original receipts must be submitted on or before June 30 of that year.
  • The travel approves reimbursement for meals and lodging according to district policy. The Lodging Cost Index and the out-of-state per diem amounts for meals and incidental expenses (M&IE) are can be viewed from the 2008  State of Arizona Travel Policy. For questions, contact the Fiscal Office at 480-461-7264

If you have any questions pertaining to specific funding guidelines for faculty travel, please feel free to contact Janet Morgan.

For additional information, contact the Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs at 480-461-7325.

Notes Section of the Travel Authorization Form (TAF)

Include each criteria below on the notes section of the TAF:

  1. Status:  Probationary or Appointive
  2. Job title
  3. MCC Campus location (SD or RM)
  4. MCC Department/Program name
  5. Name of conference
  6. Dates-include start and end times
  7. City and state of travel
  8. Specific dates of personal travel,if applicable
  9. Rationale for attending- Describe the business purpose of the travel,and/or how participating in this activity will benefit MCCCD, improve your performance at your present job, prepare you for greater opportunities within MCCCD, and support your professional development.  Include specific courses you teach with title and prefix.
  10. Non-standard items, if any (e.g. not requesting registration fees because applying for Salary Advancement after the conference)
  11. If cost is more than $3500, which office/department is covering the overages
  12. Prior Travel (if applicable) for the current fiscal year (list amount of reimbursement)
  13. The following paragraph regarding pre-approval purchase with personal funds, if applicable:“I have purchased ____________ (e.g. airfare, registration, hotel reservation, etc.) using personal funds.  I accept that the purchase of these items is solely my financial responsibility if any or all of the request is rejected.”


  • Individuals staying at the conference-designated hotel may be reimbursed actual lodging cost (including taxes), provided the brochure of the conference verifies the location and rate. Please indicate the conference hotel where you will be staying.
  • For lodging reimbursement, in order to be reimbursed, the receipt must show a $0.00 balance (see hotel desk clerk).


  • See District Per Diem Guidelines for rates. Amount of approved funding is based on departure, returning times, and conference/seminar meal plan (a schedule must be included).
  • The MCC Travel Committee may approve travel funds for the published dates plus a day before and a day after the scheduled conference, workshop, or seminar, depending on the conference start and end time.
  • Per district policy, the Travel Committee must take into account what is in the best interest of the college when considering the travel expense as well as the traveler’s time.


  • If you prefer to drive rather than fly, you must submit proof of estimated airfare if you were to fly. The Travel Committee will approve mileage based on the lowest airfare available, and this amount will be the maximum mileage amount the individual may claim.
  • Normally, the committee does not fund rental cars. If a rental car is necessary for transportation, a written justification is required for a rental car request. If a group is sharing a car, one person needs to take responsibility for claiming the expense. Please list all faculty included in group as part of your justification.

Arizona Local Transportation

  • Airport long term parking is $11 per day. This is the most allowable amount that will be reimbursed for parking.
  • Commercial transportation to and from Sky Harbor Airport will be reimbursed at $30. maximum each way. Please retain all receipts, as receipts are now required.
  • Amounts may change. Check with the Fiscal Office for most current rates and allowances.

Conference City Transportation

  • Shuttle transportation costs will the maximum amount funded. Please attach conference information regarding shuttle service.
  • A maximum of $30* (each way) in the conference city will be funded for transportation to and from the airport. Only transportation for conference business will be funded.
  • Transportation for personal activities, such as sightseeing or travel to restaurants, is not reimbursable.

If you do not specifically request a certain type of funding on your Travel Request form (e.g., estimated dollar amount for food), the MCC Travel Committee will not automatically include such funds in their approval.

For more information on college travel procedures, contact the Vice President of Academic Affairs’ office at 480-461-7325.

For the most current information on district travel guidelines, visit www.mcli.dist.maricopa.edu/fpg/travel.html

Sabbaticals/Professional Leaves

For assistance with Sabbaticals/Professional Leaves at MCC contact: Teryl Sands

  1. Residential faculty become eligible for a sabbatical after serving twelve (12) semesters as residential faculty members.
  2. Sabbatical applications must be submitted to the campus Vice President of Academic Affairs by 3:00 PM on October 1 each year. When Oct. 1 falls on a weekend, the following Monday is the due date. Nothing can be added to the application after the deadline.
  3. Proposal guidelines are available from the FPG website listed above or the District FPG office. Call 480-461-7351 for more information.
  4. Sabbatical proposals are reviewed and ranked by the Sabbaticals subcommittee. Recommendations are made by the District Faculty Association and the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. Then the Chancellor presents his/her recommendations to the Governing Board.
  5. Recommendations are made in the spring for the fall semester of that calendar year.
  6. All applicants are notified of the Governing Board’s actions by the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs by certified mail. Sabbatical recipients must notify their Department Chair, Dean of Instruction, Vice President of Academic Affairs, and the District FPG office of their decision to accept within 15 working days.
  7. A Sabbatical Leave Contract and Promissory Note must be sent by certified mail to recipients by May 1. The contract and note must be signed before a notary and returned to FPG Committee at district by June 1.
  8. See the Professional Growth Guidelines for information on periodic reporting procedures, compensation and publication rights.

For more information on sabbaticals, visit https://maricopa.sharepoint.com/sites/DO/ASA/MCLI/FPG/programs/Pages/sabbatical-leave.aspx