Faculty Professional Growth

Faculty Professional Growth@MCC

Residential Faculty are able to participate in a variety of Faculty Professional Growth (FPG) programs including Salary Advancement, Travel, Sabbatical Leaves, and Summer Projects. Each program is identified and described at the Faculty Professional Growth Website. (accessible by meid log in)

Adjunct Faculty are able to participate in  Adjunct Faculty Professional Growth (AFPG) programs including Travel and Tier Progression Program a progression compensation program through engagement with professional development. (accessible by meid log in).

For Adjunct Faculty: The AFPG representatives are: Jennifer Strickland and Patricia Herrera.

For Residential Faculty: The MCC FPG Representatives serving in their areas are Jennifer Caldwell for Travel and Summer Projects, and Teryl Sands for Salary Advancement and Sabbaticals. They provide presentations and email announcements each semester and are available to contact for assistance or questions.

Check out how some faculty traveled in Summer 2023!



*Quick Reference Guide for submitting a Travel Authorization Request. 
Residential Faculty: For assistance or questions regarding Travel Funds contact the MCC Travel Representative: Jennifer Caldwell
Adjunct Faculty: consult the AFPG website for program details or contact the MCC AFPG Representative: Jennifer Strickland and Patricia Herrera.
Information on travel funds can be found on the Travel Fees webpage.
Travel requests (Travel Authorizations) need to be submitted online using the FMS System. The Quick Reference Guide for how to submit a Travel Authorization in FMS is very helpful to consult when submitting. Use the list below as a guide for the Notes section of the Travel Authorization Form (TAF).
  1. Your Residential Faculty Status:  Probationary or Appointive
  2. Job title
  3. MCC Campus location (SD or RM)
  4. MCC Department/Program name
  5. Name of conference
  6. Dates-include start and end times
  7. City and state of travel
  8. Specific dates of personal travel,if applicable
  9. Rationale for attending- Describe the business purpose of the travel,and/or how participating in this activity will benefit MCCCD, improve your performance at your present job, prepare you for greater opportunities within MCCCD, and support your professional development.  Include specific courses you teach with title and prefix.
  10. Non-standard items, if any (e.g. not requesting registration fees because applying for Salary Advancement after the conference)
  11. If cost is more than the allowable amount, which office/department is covering the overages
  12. Prior Travel (if applicable) for the current fiscal year (list amount of reimbursement)
  13. The following paragraph regarding pre-approval purchase with personal funds, if applicable:“I have purchased ____________ (e.g. airfare, registration, hotel reservation, etc.) using personal funds.  I accept that the purchase of these items is solely my financial responsibility if any or all of the request is rejected.”
Faculty can find step-by-step instructions for completing a travel request by accessing the Travel Authorization (TA) Quick Reference Guide (QRG) under the Resources tab in the Employee Learn Center.  

Summer Projects

Residential Faculty: If you are interested in applying for a Summer Projects, access here the Summer Projects Canvas Course which provides application instructions and example projects.

Salary Advancement & Sabbaticals

For assistance or questions about Salary Advancement or Sabbatical Leave, contact the MCC Salary Advancement and Sabbatical Representative: Teryl Sands

Information on Salary Advancement can be found on the Salary Advancement website. Faculty can apply for horizontal salary advancement opportunities on the salary schedule in the following two categories:

Residential faculty become eligible for Sabbatical Leave after serving twelve (12) semesters. Sabbatical applications are due by 3pm on October 1st to the MCC Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Sabbatical proposal guidelines and requirements are available on the Sabbatical Leave website.