The Syllabus


The course Syllabus. The tried and true pillar of higher education. The gateway to your course. Your contract with your students. Your syllabus is the foundation of your course and often is the one resource that we spend hours on only to rarely revisit it again until it’s time to change the section number the next semester. It is the one document that defines your course, your expectations, and your student responsibilities, so let’s consider it for a moment.

In Maricopa we have an administrative regulation regarding the Syllabus and the components that are required by the District. Two important one’s we would like to highlight for your reference:

  • The instructor must present a course syllabus to students during the first week of a class (before the end of drop/add). 
  • A copy of the course syllabus must be submitted to the division/department office at the college no later than the end of the first week of class.

At Mesa Community College we have additional recommended statements for the syllabus based on our college initiatives and outcomes. Such as:

  • Early Alert Referral Statement
  • Face Coverings Rule
  • Class Recordings
  • Tuition Charges and Refunds
  • Canvas: Learning Management System
  • Student Email
  • Online Tutoring by Brainfuse
  • Learning Enhancement Center
  • Writing Center
  • Student Resource Referral Guide
  • Counseling Services
  • Recommendations for Academic Success
  • Institutional Learning Outcomes: MCC’s 4 Cs
  • Honors Program
  • Information for Students of Faith
  • College-Wide Online Students Course Survey

New Tool to Assist Your Syllabus Creation!!

To assist you in your Syllabus creation – we have created a form that will generate an accessible syllabus (readable by a screenreader) that copies to your google drive! All required AND recommended statements are generated in the Syllabus Generator. *Feel free to remove sections (in the recommended sections) that you do not wish to keep in your google drive version.

MCC Syllabus Generator

Mesa Syllabus Generator

The CTL has created the Mesa Syllabus Generator to simplify the syllabus creation process. The generated syllabus features:

  • Your specific course information that you provide through a Google Form.
  • All required and recommended syllabus sections from both the District and MCC.
  • Accessible content for students with disabilities.
  • Clean and consistent layout.
  • Complete control over the content after it has been compiled into your syllabus.
  • All delivered to you in a convenient Google Document.

Upon completing the Mesa Syllabus Generator form, an email will be sent to your provided email including a link to the document that is shared with your Google Drive. You may then access the file and make any adjustments to the generated syllabus you wish. To ensure the generated syllabus is shared properly we recommend the use of your employee email when filling out the form.

Use the Mesa Syllabus Generator guide to prepare your syllabus information for use in the Mesa Syllabus Generator. You may also use Mesa Syllabus Examples as a starting point to modify or simply copy and paste the content into your syllabus. Links to these documents are also available at the start of each section of the Mesa Syllabus Generator.

Syllabus Template

You may wish to start fresh using the Syllabus Template and Syllabus Acknowledgement we created for your use. This template can be copied into your google drive, so that you can simply go in and add your specific course information.  (You need to log in with your MEID to access the template)
Note: The Syllabus Generator will produce a Google Document that is based on the Syllabus Template, but includes everything automatically.

Feel free to contact one of us if you would like assistance as we are more than happy to help you design and create a syllabus that meets the district needs, college, and your specific needs. Simply contact us for further assistance.