Adobe Connect® at MCC

Adobe Connect at MCC

Adobe Connect® is a web conferencing software solution for virtual meetings, eLearning, and webinars. This feature rich tool offers a wide set of solutions for a variety of applications from online conferencing and meetings to full live classroom support on virtually any device. Mesa Community College faculty and staff may request access to create and conduct Adobe Connect® sessions for specific dates and times. Learn more about the features of Adobe Connect®.

Use of Adobe Connect ® at MCC

Adobe Connect® is on a limited MCCCD districtwide license so access and use has to be carefully allocated and monitored. Priority will be given to requests that need the specific toolset and features that are unique to the Connect® software. Requests that fall outside of this priority may be referred to more aligned tools and solutions.

Use Case Guide – What tool should I use?

At MCC we have a variety of tools available to support instructional and non-instructional conferencing and related services such as screencasting, webinars, tutorials, live classroom recording and more. Each tool has a unique set of features and we want to make sure that we help you find the best tool to meet your teaching and learning goals.

In some cases Adobe Connect® may be the tool to meet your need, but in most cases it is not the best choice. For example, if you want to record an asynchronous voice-over MS PowerPoint video we would never recommend Adobe Connect® for this type of application. Although Connect® has a screencapture option, Screencast-O-Matic’s feature set is much better better suited for voice-over tutorials. It is easier to use and allows for robust post-recording editing whereas Connect® does not.

So that we can support you better and reserve the Adobe Connect® license for those cases best served by its feature set, carefully review the Use Case Guide to determine which tool/solution is recommended for your use need before making a request for an Adobe Connect® session. If you have any questions, please contact us and we can help you sort through the options and make helpful recommendations!

Use Request Process

At MCC we have two types of requests:

  • a semester long specialized instructional Meeting Host license request (15 available), and
  • a general single session request (10 rotating licenses available).

Instructional One-Semester Meeting Host License Application:

  1. Review the Use Case Guide to determine if Adobe Connect® is the best option for your instructional need. Please note that priority will be given to requests which require the special feature set of Connect® .
  2. Fill out and submit the Adobe Connect® Instructional Meeting Host License Application (A general call for applications will be announced each semester. Applications will continue to be remain open until all the licenses are allocated).
  3. An email will be sent confirming the status of your application within 5-7 business days. If approved, you will receive instructions to set-up and host your own Connect® sessions during the semester.

Single Session Request Form:

  1. Review the Use Case Guide to determine if Adobe Connect® is the best option for your need. Please note that priority will be given to instructional requests which require the special feature set of Connect® .
  2. Check the calendar to see if the date/time for your session is available.
  3. Fill out and submit the Adobe Connect® Single Session Request Form at least 1 week prior to the session date (for regular sessions) and 2 weeks prior for a Live Classroom or Blended Instructional session request.
  4. An email will be sent confirming your reservation request within 2 business days. It will include instructions to access, set-up and host your Connect® session.
  5. Your access to the Adobe Connect® will be removed within 24-hours after the end of the session. Note: If the session was recorded or you need access to files shared during the session, be sure to copy the link to the recording and/or download the files upon conclusion of that session. Further instructions for concluding a session will be provided in the confirmation email.

Training & Support

Adobe Connect® Customer Support

888.523.8445  | | Online Support Center

Support includes a:

  • Self-Help Portal with:
    • Live Chat
    • Toll Free Helpdesk
    • FAQ’s
    • Guides/Tutorials for Hosts and Participants
    • Tips
  • Configuration check to ensure your computer is Connect® ready


Adobe Connect® also offers an extensive online Learning Center including:

  • Live Daily Training
  • On-Demand Courses
  • Product Overviews, Tutorials and “best practice” Whitepapers
  • Quick Start Guides
  • User Forums

Visit the Adobe Connect® Learning Center to access these materials.

MCC Training Resources:

Adobe Connect Quick Reference – Meeting Hosts

MCCCD Training Resources:

The following resources were created by the MCCCD Training team.

Additionally, after being approved to host a session, you will receive an email with specific instructions on how to get started.

Daily Demos

Adobe Connect® offers demo sessions daily! Perfect for seeing Connect®  in action before you go live with your session! See the demo schedule for details.

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For more information aboutAdobe Connect® please contact the Mesa CTL: via email: or call Mesa CTL at: 480-46(1-7331)

All terms are subject to change.