Developmental Education Endowed Teaching Award

Dev Ed Teaching Award


The Developmental Education Endowed Teaching Award requirements:

  • Be residential, full time teaching faculty at MCC or 
  • Be a one year only (OYO), one semester only (OSO), or adjunct faculty member who has taught for MCC a minimum of two consecutive years (fall/spring semesters) and 
  • Complete the entire application process

Program Details

Faculty can apply for professional development funds or for a programmatic support project to enhance or improve teaching and learning within the Dev Ed program. To be eligible, faculty must be teaching developmental education courses. Applications are due by 11:59pm on April 1, 2018, with an anticipated award announcement of April 15. Award amounts can vary, but cannot exceed $3,975.

Professional Growth

Professional growth can include, but is not limited to, attendance at local, regional or national conferences, symposiums, colloquiums, or workshops. Endowment criteria require that professional growth events must have clear alignment to classroom instruction/practice, student success strategies, and/or the field of developmental education. As a deliverable, award recipients will share best practices and instructional/support strategies with department colleagues, the Foundations Action Team and the selection committee.

Programmatic Support  

Programmatic support encompasses a variety of options. Projects may include development or revision of course materials such as common lesson plans, exams, review worksheets, and video instruction for the use of all faculty who teach a specific course. Other options would be considered, such as creation of a new course or modifications to a course resulting in improved student completion of developmental and gateway courses. Formats could include accelerated, co-requisite, intensive, or fast track courses. These approaches provide the structure for students to successfully complete developmental and gateway courses in a timely manner within one or two semesters.

Other appropriate proposals may be related to program accreditation, faculty mentoring, and the infusion of culturally relevant teaching into a specific course or course sequence.Additional proposal topics that support the faculty who teach developmental education courses will also be considered.

Projects may be carried out by an individual faculty member or by a faculty team.  


Award recipients participating in a professional growth activity will write an article for the CTL iTeach newsletter describing the teaching practices and instructional/support strategies they learned about. Article should be submitted to Janice Pierson by September 30, 2018. Recipients working on programmatic support will also write an article for the iTeach newsletter and share course/program materials with the Foundations Action Team (also due by September 30, 2018).


Applications must include and will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • Describe your proposed professional growth or programmatic support activity
  • Explain the impact the proposed activity will have on student learning and student success in a course and/or program
  • Include a proposed budget (funding can range from $500 to $3,975)

Apply now!

Application deadline: April 1, 2018.
Anticipated award announcement: April 15, 2018.