Become an Ally

When faculty and staff serve as allies who have a vested interest in student completion of their declared academic major, it provides an opportunity to create “student success teams” to make connections and support student retention throughout their entire academic journey at MCC.  The ally role is complementary to the vital role that faculty have supporting student success in their individual classes.

Allies in academic areas review “high risk” students in DoD on a weekly basis and perform direct student outreach via email (through DoD/Canvas) or use other available contact information to encourage students to continue in their studies as well as offer additional resources for academic support.  

It is recommended that allies communicate directly with “high risk” students (as evidenced by low course grades, assignments with zero grades, missing assignments, or infrequent access to Canvas).  The goal of this outreach is to demonstrate caring connections between our employees and students who are in need of additional support.  Allies should (1) encourage students to communicate with the faculty of their courses regarding any missing or late work and to utilize any available faculty office hours or tutoring services to better understand the course material and (2) identify other useful resources or make additional referrals to support student success and retention.

If you are interested in becoming an Ally please contact your Department Chair.