Adobe Connect Pilot Call for Participants

Call for Pilot Participants Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect Pilot at MCC this Fall

What is Adobe Connect?

Are you interested in conducting online live classroom sessions or office hours? Adobe Connect might be for you!

Adobe Connect is the premier resource for online live classroom and web conferencing solutions for eLearning and business applications. Their comprehensive product provides a safe platform for faculty to deliver virtual real-time class presentations and host office hours with features such as: screen and file sharing, video/audio capture, mobile device support, session recording, live polling and more! Learn more about Adobe Connect features.

Call for Pilot Participants

MCCCD is currently looking for 25 faculty at each campus to pilot Adobe Connect for instructional applications (live classroom presentations, office hours, etc.) in the Fall 2014. Interested persons should complete the MCC Google Form for Join the Pilot.

Join the Pilot

Purpose of Pilot

This trial will help MCCCD determine if Adobe Connect can meet our live classroom needs and help us build a license and support structure for a district wide implementation. Pilot participants will be expected to provide feedback to the college on their experience with Adobe Connect via a survey and to attend a virtual meeting using Adobe Connect to learn the product.

Contact the Center for Teaching & Learning for more information at or (480) 461-7372.