Faculty discuss their projects

Faculty Showcase their eVenture Projects

Faculty discuss their projectsWe loved Gold Star – it ran over 5 years and many of you designed amazing online courses using Quality Matters as your guide. Like any program though, it had a life span and in its last semester we had only three applications to the program. So we revised and started a new. We did not abandon QM though – designing a QM course is still a possibility in the new program but we transitioned to eVenture. This program is designed to champion and foster some college initiatives around teaching and learning including: Flipping the classroom for a more engaged class time, OER to reduce textbook costs for students and allow faculty more freedom to design their course specific to their preferences rather than a publisher preference, and many more.

eVenture is intended to be a personal action research project for faculty. The Group of faculty talkingidea being we engage in at least 10 hours of professional development around a topic and then create something for our course(s) based on that new knowledge. This can be learning about Flipped and how to flip (technically) then designing your course and making your online lectures. One of the culminating milestones for our project participants is our eVenture Showcase.

One thing we often heard about previous programs was time to put into the project so each eVenture session includes some summer time to allow for more time without so many teaching responsibilities. The program runs January – June 15 and July 1 – Dec. 15. We just finished our first eVenture program session.

Group of faculty around a laptopIf you did not get a chance to stop by and see the amazing projects our eVenturers undertook be certain you do next time. In the meantime enjoy some photos and be on the watch out for our short eVenture interviews as faculty talk about their work. Whats your next eVenture?